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Little Wooden Mannequin Project #11. She hates bow pose as much as I do!!!

The Little Wooden Mannequin Project is a collaboration between Adult Beginner and her almost two-year-old son. He sets the pose, she draws it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! JK, it’s totally June.

We do these back bends sometimes, Where we face the barre and hold it with both hands, elbows bent at our sides, and then go back back back until our arms are pulled straight and we can maybe catch a … Continue reading

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Spin and yoga and fire

Haven’t had ballet class in three weeks, because first I was sick and because then my once-a-week happened to fall on a holiday for two weeks in a row, So instead I’ve been going to the gym and doing yoga … Continue reading

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Pie, yo.

Went to a piyo class yesterday, Aka Pilates-Yoga. Haven’t done much Pilates. Before ballet I totally didn’t get Pilates. Like, Pilates made no sense. Lying on a mat, doing leg-lifts, totally seemed like some kinda 1950’s housewife type exercise. Like, … Continue reading

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Attitude: it’s in your hands.

Thinking about hands. ‘Cause, like, every week in pregnant yoga class (or Fat Yoga, whatever you wanna call it) we start in a seated position, with our eyes closed and our hands resting with palms turned up. Open hands are … Continue reading

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Respect: just a little bit

In ballet class, respect is directly related to seniority: new students defer to lifers, everyone defers to the teacher. Right? Like, when you’re new, you say hello and introduce yourself to the teacher, because you weren’t born in a barn, … Continue reading

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Partner Work

The one thing that I don’t love about my pre-natal yoga class is the Partnered Exercise. You know, you’re all up in your yoga bubble, and then the teacher says, “ok! Pick a partner and find a spot by the … Continue reading

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