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Ballet Teacher vs Ballet West

So we’re all at the barre, we’ve just finished pliés, and Smirnoff stops the music to correct us all on our arms. He’s all, “My Dears! You must keep the arms soft! Look to the hand when you bring it … Continue reading

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Port de bras #4 a la poulet

Port de bras exercise number four! About time! I think it’s interesting that Smirnoff really emphasizes that we lean back in that middle moment, which makes me imagine that I’m throwing a javelin while at the same time I AM … Continue reading

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Port de bras #2 a lá poulet

Port de bras #2 makes me think of semaphore. I wonder what we are signaling?

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He’s not actually a very helpful study partner

Brushing up on the five port de bras exercises, with a little help from my big helper. Number five is my favorite, makes me think of dodging bullets in slomo a la The Matrix.

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Vaganova said Knock You Out

I have this brilliant theory. Now, Gentle Reader, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “but, Adult Beginner, all your theories are brilliant!” and believe me I hear you, so let’s just stop collaborate and listen: This theory is about … Continue reading

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Frickin’ Flic-Flacs

We’ve started working on a turn called the Flic-Flac. It’s only called flic-flac in the Russian school of ballet, the French call it Petite Fouette. The Russian way is correct. Just ask any Russian teacher. Smirnoff says that his father … Continue reading

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More second position, with less Claw

Came across this paragraph in Basic Principles Of Classical Ballet Yes, I’m reading the famous and important Agrippina Vaganova text for pleasure. I am That Nerd. Anyway: With children and beginners the arms always attempt to imitate the movements of … Continue reading

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