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A Swan Lake so good it doesn’t even need an Odile.

Went to see Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake a while back, (October 11, dang, over a month ago. What—you busy or something Adult Beginner?) This is Swan Lake, revamped and performed by The Australian Ballet, which I was super excited about … Continue reading

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These things will totally bite you.

Seriously, why would the evil dude in Swan Lake change all the ladies into swans? Those things are strong! And ornery! And dangerous! Wouldn’t it make more sense to magic the girls into something a little more manageable? Puffins or … Continue reading

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Why is that one swan barking…

We ended a combination the other day with this pose, that was like head tilted to the side, resting on the back of one hand with the other arm up in the air and that hand kind of drifting gracefully, … Continue reading

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Another way that having a baby changes everything

So I’m driving down La Brea, all the windows down, totally blasting Swan Lake, You know, like you do when you’re listening to your local public classical music station in your fuel efficient sub-compact and Swan Lake comes on and … Continue reading

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Swan Lake Groundhog Day

So, last summer when I was in New York, I saw Swan Lake. This summer, Swan Lake again! Only thing ABT had going! For exactly the week I was in town! They had other choices the week before and the … Continue reading

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…what Really Happened

Ok so I really did get to meet Dave in NYC. At a bar, just for a minute before he ran off to Swan Lake. We both drank ice water. Nerds! Gentle Reader, he is handsome and charming in real … Continue reading

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ABT’s Swan Lake, in under 2000 words

You guys, it was awesome. Awe-some! Ok, so I bought my ticket online. Never been to the Metropolitan Opera House before!. Went for a dress circle box, a $40 seat with an “obstructed view”. Figured there might be a column … Continue reading

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