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Adult Beginner asks 180 Degrees Of Movement a bunch of questions

Recently the Adult Beginner received this question: I had a question about at-home flexibility stretches. you and your readers have some good insights and suggestions. perhaps this could be a new post. so here’s the deal, i was a cheerleader … Continue reading

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Stupid flowers.

Oh. Yeah, har har har. Very funny, orchids. Laugh it up. Good thing for you I’m stuck here. On the floor. Mid split. Attempt. Propped up with many pillows. When I get up I’m gonna march right over there and … Continue reading

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Just call me Stretch

So, there’s this side stretch. You’re standing facing the barre, holding the barre with both hands, and you put your right leg up on the barre, and then reach up and over with your left arm toward your right leg … Continue reading

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