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Favorite Search Engine Phrase of the day:

“Can some people not do pirouettes” I understand that this is a legitimate question, and have sometimes wondered it myself, but am having a really hilarious time reading this question with a Tone, directed at Some Specific Person who needs … Continue reading

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The little red light

Every theater in the world has one, and here’s the one at LA’s Music Center: That’s the view straight up toward the ceiling, the red light is at the edge of the balcony, right in the middle of the house … Continue reading

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Ok so there are certain questions that Everyone asks pregnant ladies: When are you due? (this is when they tell you when their birthday/anniversary/favorite holiday is so you can aim for it) Is it a girl or a boy? (this … Continue reading

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Double Down

Did a double pirouette the other day! Couple of them! It went like this: Before class Smirnoff was all, “My Dear! How are you!” and I was all, “Allergies! Not very good!” and he was all, “Are you dizzy!” and … Continue reading

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What it is.

Last week: one class with a perfectly balance pirouette, one class with the wobbling. Which was fine. Didn’t expect a pirouette that second class. Allergy meds, you know. Tomorrow: Could pretend to be all yoga about it and say ballet … Continue reading

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Roses pour moi

Ok, they’re not really for me. A co-workers brought these in from his garden. But they’re on my table. So I am owning them. Because I did a pirouette! A real one! It was not a lucky turn, it was … Continue reading

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Question Mark is the Magic Number

Found my scale last week. Put it in the bathroom. It’s been sitting there, just waiting to tell me what this magical, pirouette inducing weight is. Yeah, as Smirnoff says, I’m Turning Again. Got a correction during the barre pirouette … Continue reading

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