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Ok let’s talk about Giselle. It was not what I expected. But first, before I explain that, here is pretty much what happens in Giselle in case you’ve never seen it before either: There’s this guy named Albrecht who is … Continue reading

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Don’t think, just do math

We’re doing this pas couru exercise the other day- Which always makes me think of Rod Carew, even though I’m not a baseball fan. I mean, I like eating peanuts and watching when the bats come out at twilight to … Continue reading

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Special Homework Assignment

Feeling a little overwhelmed at all the positive response that last post is receiving! You guys! So here’s a little study in contrast for ya: Smirnoff’s bag of old tapes with shiny new iPod touch on top. Bam! The update … Continue reading

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Free ballet class for skunks, opossums, and the occasional coyote

Apparently Smirnoff plans his classes in the evenings. As the sun is setting, he’s playing his reel-to-reel and thinking up new barre adagios. This is when all the animals in tarnation come to tear up his back yard and eat … Continue reading

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