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A Wall of Warped Mirrors: the great equalizer

Ok so we’re all lined up at the barre, waiting for class to start, and one of the girls is staring in the mirror, stepping this way a little, that way a little, back this way a little… And the … Continue reading

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Tried a new spot; got Busted.

Tried a new spot at the barre. See, usually I’m on that barre that’s along the back wall, opposite the mirror, where I only see myself in profile. (and by usually I mean always) But today! Today I dragged out … Continue reading

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What you lookin’ at?

The Mirror. Is there so I can check myself. That’s the reason it’s in the studio. But- I feel so weird just staring away at myself! Especially with other people around! I mean, well-mannered people just do not gaze at … Continue reading

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