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The Rhonda Jamb *and* Adult Beginner review of Adult Ballet at Hollywood Dance Center

Review By: Rhonda Jamb and Adult Beginner! A double reviewer review! So exciting! Where: Hollywood Dance Center, actually in Hollywood Class Is Called:Rhonda Jamb did Adult Ballet-Basic, Adult Beginner did Adult Ballet-All Levels Website: hollywooddancecenter.com The Studio: is beautiful. You … Continue reading

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What I got at Danny’s Warehouse

The haul: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Let’s break it down. Leotards: Bloch long sleeve with ruche front and a super hot little ruche at the base of the low scooped back, in hunter green. Interesting silicone grippy edge along the inside of the … Continue reading

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Danny’s Warehouse, the Adult Beginner Review

name: Danny’s Warehouse website: dannyswarehouse.com location: Culver City (see website for street address) hours: Sunday through Friday 9-5, closed Saturday. Read that a second time before you get in the car. They are closed on Saturdays and open on Sundays. … Continue reading

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Why it’s a good idea to double check the business hours before you go dance clothes shopping.

The Adult Beginner went out to Culver City today to investigate Danny’s Warehouse, alleged to be crammed floor to ceiling with boxes and piles and tipsy stacks of dance clothes and shoes for $10 or less. I was super excited … Continue reading

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Fun Timez at The Music Center

The Adult Beginner has been to see ballet at the Music Center a few times now, Bright Stream, some Millepied, the Scottish Ballet, and I don’t know if I just never noticed before or if this is a new thing … Continue reading

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Adult Beginner walks into a barre. Or two.

Gentle Reader, a week ago I tried out Millennium Dance Complex for the first time ever, and have been distracted by certain babies every single time I tried to write about it, so now I have been to class there … Continue reading

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The Nutcracker I want to see this year

Ok so Mr. Adult Beginner and I don’t give each other Christmas presents, Because he buys me lots of treats throughout the year and I accept them happily. What can I say, I’m a lucky woman. Anyway, what we do … Continue reading

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