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Little Wooden Mannequin Project #14 is so close to a penché, soooo close

The Little Wooden Mannequin Project is a collaboration between Adult Beginner and her two year old son. He sets the pose, she draws.

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Sock Tutorial—Extremely Difficult—Unless You Have A BFA In Costume Tech This Tutorial Might Explode Your Brain

1. Get that pair of tights with the run in them. You know the pair I’m talking about. 2. Cut them. Use scissors, not your teeth. 3. Put them in your pointe bag. 4. Wear when you are getting all … Continue reading

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Be afraid: the maternity wear edition

Been poking around on line for maternity leggings. In bright colors. Googling things like: Fun Maternity Leggings Maternity Leggings Bright Colors Maternity Leggings That Don’t Completely Suck Alls I’ve found is maternity leggings in black, charcoal, and white. White? White?! … Continue reading

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This is what stirrup leggings with an inseam look like in pattern format. Weird, huh. Like some kinda three-toed… Anyway. Project just got cancelled so I think I’ll just be filing this bad boy away for my own nefarious, thigh-high … Continue reading

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Love bites

Wore black tights to class. Black tights with the feet cut out, ankle length or folded up to calf length. This looks very dancer-y to me, despite the fact that they are Totally Inconvenient for ballet class. Any step with … Continue reading

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