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Eight Maids a-Milking

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A tendu correction

Another small ballet class. Just two of us, plus teacher. Which means increased scrutiny, which means really specific corrections. Which is great. For example, we do a barre exercise that is: tenduuuu pasjetépasjetépasjeté! The pas jetés are quick little kicks! … Continue reading

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Jump from my heels? Really?

So, I’m in class, and Smirnoff calls out, “My Dear! You must jump from your heels! Not the balls of your feet. Your heels, my dear. You must jump from your heels or you will have no height in your … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of Who?!

We’ve been working on something at the barre that is meant to help develop an arc-ing quality to our grande jetés in the center. Smirnoff doesn’t want to see any flat grande jeté like all the young kids are doing … Continue reading

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Pas-de-where’s my dinner?!

We’re doing jetés at the barre, and Lillet asks Smirnoff, “Um, what’s the Deal with jetés, anyways?” “Like, how can this jeté be the same as that other jeté?” She says, while doing a straight-legged kick, and then doing a … Continue reading

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