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That’s not yours, Adult Beginner.

When you find a bobby pin around the house, pick it up and put it in your hair-do. When you find a bobby pin Anywhere Else, don’t.

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The staff is very busy.

So the other day in class, Smirnoff calls Lé Assistant over and points into the other studio, which he can see from his chair, and says, “Look! That fat lady who never does anything, she is cleaning the mirror! I … Continue reading

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Certain ballet studio floors could really use a mop.

No srsly. Hope the cleaning staff is having the best vacation evar.

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Sprains are gross and dumb.

Gentle Reader, if you’ve ever had a sprained ankle you already know- that is one helluva scary looking bruise. For serial. There I was, day of sprain, bag of ice on stocking-wrapped ankle, self diagnosing via google image search, thinking, … Continue reading

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