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Pas de deuces.

Talking to a friend the other day, Her daughter has been requesting this Barbie ballerina book like every night for story time, you know, probably like Barbie’s Pretty Pink Adventures As A Pretty Primadonna! And Friends! or something. Don’t judge, … Continue reading

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Just now typing the word “entrechat”, I was suddenly really looking at the word for the first time and seeing that it ends in “chat” and wondering in a feeble non-French-speaking way if it has anything to do with cats? … Continue reading

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Donde esta lé tendu?

This question came in from a reader the other day, and I thought it was pretty hilarious, and I have a little idea about what the answer might be but also wanted to share it with you, Gentle Reader, and … Continue reading

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A Canadian (Beginner) Ballerina in Paris, by @zeelogan

Bonjour Gentle Reader! Un guest post lé magnifique por vu! Oohlala! A Canadian (Beginner) Ballerina in Paris By @zeelogan Two months prior to my French spring vacation I realized I booked my ticket on the opening night of my local … Continue reading

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