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Strong! Fast! Zzzzzush! Fire!

Frappés, man. I have heard more than one teacher say, during class, while telling us to do frappés, “I don’t know why we do frappés!” Which makes me think, “well then why Are we doing frappés! I though you were … Continue reading

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What a let down

This here is a photo of my latest not-so-glamorous ballet accessory: What the heck are these things? Disposable nursing pads, bitches! What the heck are they for? They go inside my sports bra in case I experience a let-down during … Continue reading

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Love bites

Wore black tights to class. Black tights with the feet cut out, ankle length or folded up to calf length. This looks very dancer-y to me, despite the fact that they are Totally Inconvenient for ballet class. Any step with … Continue reading

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