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Another reason corrections are good:

Recently finished up a ballet class series taught by Zooey Deschanel. I’m kidding. Wasn’t really her. Same doe-eyed dead-pan Deschanel delivery though. Super dead-pan. Dead-pan like I wondered if she was a little bit bored of us. I think our … Continue reading

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Teachers: how do you feel when a student has a breakthrough with another teacher?

Didn’t get any corrections in ballet class the other day. Some praise, no corrections. I think the reason for the no corrections is that the night before this class I had gone to another ballet class at another studio with … Continue reading

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Er, whuh?

So, we’re doing the barre, (and Not using the new iPod yet grumble grumble) when Smirnoff presses stop and launches into this long, complicated sounding correction, in Russian, because that’s how he likes to do, he likes to speak everyone’s … Continue reading

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Point Your Heel

So, like, you know how toward the end of ballet class, you’re all doing tendus in the center, like, eight tendus going back and then eight forward, and like, you’re supposed to be looking away from your working foot when … Continue reading

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Jump from my heels? Really?

So, I’m in class, and Smirnoff calls out, “My Dear! You must jump from your heels! Not the balls of your feet. Your heels, my dear. You must jump from your heels or you will have no height in your … Continue reading

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