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Just now typing the word “entrechat”, I was suddenly really looking at the word for the first time and seeing that it ends in “chat” and wondering in a feeble non-French-speaking way if it has anything to do with cats? … Continue reading

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Pregnant stuff, and Time, and a cat picture.

This week the Adult Beginner is 37 weeks pregnant out of the industry standard 40. Dudes, this is technically full-term. Which means I could Go Off at any moment! I’m like a ticking time-bomb of baby. Gives me a very … Continue reading

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Pass the cat

Sazerac is back in town, and sent out a text asking who would like to come to class, and I was all like, “me! me! oh! memememe me!” But no one else responded, so class was cancelled, and I was … Continue reading

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