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Psychological Profiling at the library

Seriously, all I have ever checked out from the library is ballet books and baby books. Wonder if the CIA keeps track of that stuff. You watch, one of these days I’ll check out a book about the Black Dahlia … Continue reading

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Why Dance Matters

Because without dance, what the hell would I read?! Wanna get involved with Why Dance Matters? Check out the deets here

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Guess who finally got a library card?


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Used Book Store FTW

Dude, Gentle Reader, check this out: Received this email from Emily the other day, and I thought it was so cool I asked permission to share, and she said yes so here goes: So you know how you find all … Continue reading

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Ernest Belcher: not just a funny name

Ok so you know how the Adult Beginner did this post not too long ago about the Pavlova book? Including this picture? And maybe you remember how the Adult Beginner was totally immature and giggling about this dude’s name? Well, … Continue reading

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