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Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and then there’s other times.

Went to ballet at Millennium Dance Complex the other day. It was my first class after about a month off, and I went to Millennium because I needed a ballet class that is the exact opposite of Cheers. Know what … Continue reading

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An update on the traffic cop situation

The update on this whole thing is: I got to class, took the same spot at the barre as last week, class started with the warm-up facing the barre, and I was all geared-up to ask all out-loud and stuff … Continue reading

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Maybe a traffic cop would be helpful. Like with white gloves and a whistle.

Help me out here: I’ve been taking this ballet class lately, it’s a very small class, usually like four of us. We use a portable barre. People stand on both sides. All the people on the one side of the … Continue reading

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Don’t let go of the barre, though, you might float away.

At the barre, at that delirious moment where you’re doing battements and it’s the last barre exercise and you’re covered in sweat and your legs are trembling and you start employing some Mind Tricks to get through, I started imaging … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! JK, it’s totally June.

We do these back bends sometimes, Where we face the barre and hold it with both hands, elbows bent at our sides, and then go back back back until our arms are pulled straight and we can maybe catch a … Continue reading

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Make friends at the barre.

Someone in my ballet class is smelly. Pretty sure I know who it is. It’s not me, but there’s always a moment of horror where I freak out and worry that my hippie deodorant has failed and maybe this time … Continue reading

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Hey Baby, those legs go all the way?

That come-on has always cracked me up, because how is that conversation supposed to continue? She says “uh, yes? Obviously?” and then Mr. LoveMan-the-pick-up-machine says, “oh, ok well that’s good.” And then she walks away and he is alone. Right? … Continue reading

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