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‘Cause baby you’re a fiiiiiiirework (Jeté Jeté Jeté)

There’s this one piece of music that Smirnoff plays every now and then, for the fondus at the barre, that I always think is going to be an instrumental version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Every time. The opening notes … Continue reading

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Horse Pills and Pride

Went to see the midwives back in March for nutrition counseling. Had been keeping a food diary for two weeks. Which sux. You can’t, like, even snack while prepping dinner without thinking, “ugh, have to remember to write that carrot … Continue reading

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Too soon?

Some new music in class today, (still not The ipod tho) What Smirnoff really wants, he sez, is some new waltz, some new Strauss. But Strauss is in Vienna, de-composing. And we all groan, And he laughs and sez, “oh, … Continue reading

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One for the treble, Two for the bass

Often times before class starts at Broadway Dance Center, I’ll look around the waiting room and see back in a corner, behind various stretching legs, a tiny, bent old man. And I’ll think, “Holy Crap! Is that old dude waiting … Continue reading

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kicking the old school jammy-jams boom-box style

Smirnoff has abandoned his system of hand-the-cd-to-his-assistant-to-put-in-the-cd-player-across-the-room-and-then-bicker-about-which-track-it-is in favor of the way radder stick-a-cassette-in-a-boom-box method. Shall I repeat that? Cassette. Boom Box. Cretaceous Era Ballet Teacher. Hells yes. And, the thing is, Boom Box Technology is just a tad beyond … Continue reading

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One two and three four and

In Smirnoff’s class we do the barré work while he counts, and we do the center work to recorded music. The counting sometimes starts with, “eeeeeyah,” as in,”eeeeeeyah, three four, eeeeeeyah three four”, while the recorded music involves handing a … Continue reading

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