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How Do We Pay For Ballet?

How do we pay for ballet class? Not like how do we make the money or how do we budget it, (entertainment? health? beauty? foldin’ money?) but how do we physically hand over the money. The Adult Beginner is kind … Continue reading

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Later dude. Ballet.

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Another reason corrections are good:

Recently finished up a ballet class series taught by Zooey Deschanel. I’m kidding. Wasn’t really her. Same doe-eyed dead-pan Deschanel delivery though. Super dead-pan. Dead-pan like I wondered if she was a little bit bored of us. I think our … Continue reading

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An update on the traffic cop situation

The update on this whole thing is: I got to class, took the same spot at the barre as last week, class started with the warm-up facing the barre, and I was all geared-up to ask all out-loud and stuff … Continue reading

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His first ballet class

Just to be ridiculous AND AWESOME I am reviewing my baby’s first ballet class in the style of the adult ballet class reviews I’ve been doing with Ronda Jamb, which you can see right here. Here goes: Review By Me, … Continue reading

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From fear to acceptance in like two seconds. #Maturity #Whiplash

I was sitting on the floor in the hall of a new dance studio the other day, with, like, my world all spread out around me —shoes, warm-ups, bag, phone, other bag— wondering why I always show up for ballet … Continue reading

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Dude wants to know if he’s welcome in ballet class. Let’s hear it for the boys.

Received the email below from a male reader, with a question about the ladies. Ladies, maybe you can offer some insights. Dudes, maybe you can offer some insights. To The Adult Beginner, I’m wondering if you might offer some perspective … Continue reading

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