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Ballerina by Edward Stewart. Now with more ebook.

The other day I was kinda staring down my copy of Ballerina, by Edward Stewart, and wondering if I could come up with an excuse to read it again, which would make it Time Number Three- First time was before … Continue reading

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Bear and Ballerina catch up on some girl talk

What are they talking about? Oh, you know. Boys. Boys faces. And butts.

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Just a little after dim sum shopping

edit: I’m not endorsing any of these products, just enjoying their packaging. Remember, Gentle Reader, it is up to you to read labels and be informed before you put stuff in your mouth or on your face, aaaaight?

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It’s like bird watching but more fun

Think I’d been in NYC for like five minutes before my first dancer-sighting. It’s their Everything that gives them away.

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Be afraid: the maternity wear edition

Been poking around on line for maternity leggings. In bright colors. Googling things like: Fun Maternity Leggings Maternity Leggings Bright Colors Maternity Leggings That Don’t Completely Suck Alls I’ve found is maternity leggings in black, charcoal, and white. White? White?! … Continue reading

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A Canadian (Beginner) Ballerina in Paris, by @zeelogan

Bonjour Gentle Reader! Un guest post lé magnifique por vu! Oohlala! A Canadian (Beginner) Ballerina in Paris By @zeelogan Two months prior to my French spring vacation I realized I booked my ticket on the opening night of my local … Continue reading

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Your momma don’t wear no draws

As seen in The Great Book Of Lingerie by Cecil Saint-Laurent, this shot of “the Dancers Green Room” by FE Mesplés: It was during the reign of Louis XV that the law required dancers to wear drawers. Hee! Hee hee … Continue reading

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