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You can look, but you can’t touch

Had an audience in class today! A somewhat under-dressed audience. I mean dang, girls, get yourselves together And stop giving me that judge-y look! (Don’t know what she thinks she’s got to look so smug about)

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Solid, supportive, always ready to be leaned on…

So, we’re at the barre, Smirnoff’s working on getting his music cued up for the next exercise, Terrier raises her hand and says, “I have a question! Why do we turn toward the barre when we switch sides? Isn’t that, … Continue reading

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Audience, Behave Yourselves!

As you may know, the Adult Beginner has recently seen two whole ballets, this one and this one, and therefor is accepting the self-appointed title of Extremely Important Expert Ballet Watching Expert, Esquire, Emeritus, Etc! And have I got some … Continue reading

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