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Ridiculous eyes and elastic hearts

You know how when you give someone a gift, once you give it to them it’s theirs? It belongs to them? As in, you have given it completely, you no longer have ownership over it, you can’t get all butt … Continue reading

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Thinking about making and taking.

Been kind of obsessed lately with this Iggy Azalea video, “Work”. I’m not cool or anything, had never even heard of Iggy Azalea until I picked up the free yoga magazine at the gym, which bizarrely had an article about … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled by the clogs that I bought

More blog-doings a’ transpiring: Got an email a while back, asking if I would be up for doing a custom drawing. And if so, how much would I charge? And, ok Gentle Reader, if you draw or paint or sew … Continue reading

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Most ephemeral

Listening to the radio the other day. NPR, duh. And they’re talking about this exhibit coming up at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary Museum called Art In The Streets, which is “a landmark retrospective” of street art and graffiti and it sounds … Continue reading

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Shout-out to my Home Fry, Maurice Sendak

Outside Over There. Do you guys know this book? Because it’s the best childrens’ book Evar. Hands down the Adult Beginner’s fave. Written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, it is strange, hypnotizing, beautiful…I still pick it up and stare at … Continue reading

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