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One way to measure wealth

Scored Apollo’s Angels by Jennifer Homans today at a used bookstore, for the exciting price of $4.95. I’ve already read it (ebook) (library). But never bought the physical book even though I wanted it, because it cost like $40 and … Continue reading

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“The Masters Are Dead and Gone”

Pretty much every possible thing you can do with a baby is controversial in some way, to somebody, including simple things that you’d think nobody would care about. Like, How Are You Gonna Feed The Baby? (with my boobs) For … Continue reading

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Guess who finally got a library card?


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Go see ABT’s The Bright Stream

Here’s all I knew about The Bright Stream going in: (mostly from Homan’s Apollo’s Angels, btw. That book is rad, btw.) Music by Shostakovitch, choreography by Lupukhov, The Bright Stream was well received when it opened in 1935 in Leningrad. … Continue reading

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A post involving pointe and stupid Titanic

Read a book a while back. Actually, almost exactly a year ago: A memoir by Bronislava Nijinska about her brother, Vaslov Nijinski. And I remember getting to this one part where she described how Nijinski could rise up on his … Continue reading

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kindle my ass!

Reading Jennifer Homans’ Apollo’s Angels on the kindle for iPad. Not enjoying the reading as much as I thought I would. Woah, I mean, not like that, I Love the actual book! It’s fantastic! Love! Just not loving the kindle … Continue reading

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