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Plz help a reader with her Pirouette Problem!

Got this email from a reader. Let’s called her K-boom. K-boom needs pirouette help, you guys. K-boom says: “I’ve been taking classes seriously for 2 years, 2-3 times a week. I am the ONLY person in my class who cannot … Continue reading

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Sewing the ribbons

I sewed ribbons on my pointe shoes today. Can I repeat that? Me. I sewed ribbons. Ribbons! On my pointe shoes. That I own! And are mine! I sewed ribbons on my pointe shoes today, WTF?! I mean, ballerinas do … Continue reading

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Passé Relevé, olé!

Passé Relevé front and back is one of the exercises we do at the barre, usually in combo with pas de bourré. It’s one of those moves that was super easy for The Adult Beginner while it was just a … Continue reading

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