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Jump from my heels? Really?

So, I’m in class, and Smirnoff calls out, “My Dear! You must jump from your heels! Not the balls of your feet. Your heels, my dear. You must jump from your heels or you will have no height in your … Continue reading

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Interview on Dance Advantage. Holler!

Adult Beginner and Dave of Dave Tries Ballet were interviewed by Nichelle of Dance Advantage. The questions! They were a-flying! One of us even said a Cuss Word, omg! Ok, kidding about the cuss word part. But have a look … Continue reading

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Give this ballet teacher a piece of your mind

The Adult Beginner received this comment/question yesterday, and thought, why not open this up to the universe? Love your blog… I frittered away a whole afternoon at work (just kidding, boss!) reading all your posts. So… I’m not adult beginner, … Continue reading

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Sock it to me

You know the T-Shirt As Shrug look? The thing where you’re wearing a t-shirt over your leotard, and you take the front and pull it up and over and behind your head, so it turns into an insta-shrug? First time … Continue reading

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Turn. This mutha out

Lately I’ve been taking Adult Open Level Ballet with Smirnoff twice a week. And for some reason, the class that’s earlier in the week is always jam-packed, while the class later in the week is practically empty. Scary empty. Like, … Continue reading

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Adult Beginner nominates self for 2010 Top Dance Blogs Contest!

So, Nichelle at DanceAdvantage has got a little contest going on! Called the Readers’s Choice Top Dance Blogs of 2010. Which is is great idea because for some reason there’ve been a lot of Top Ballet Blog lists going around … Continue reading

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Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Sometimes, the Adult Beginner has to work. And has to miss Adult Open Level Ballet class. And tries another class later. Like Adult Beginning Level Ballet, with Rye. First time I tried Rye’s class, I left feeling that all my … Continue reading

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