adult ballet classes in LA

We take class so you don’t have to.
Totally Subjective Not Objective reviews by special correspondent Rhonda Jamb, or by your hostess, Adult Beginner.
Reviews posted at whim.

Evolution Studios, reviewed by Adult Beginner here

Hollywood Wilshire YMCA, reviewed by Adult Beginner here

Heartbeat House, reviewed by Adult Beginner here

Debbie Reynolds Studio, reviewed by Adult Beginner here

Studio A, reviewed by Rhonda Jamb here

Millennium Dance Complex, reviewed by Adult Beginner here

The Sweat Spot, reviewed by Rhonda Jamb here

Hollywood Dance Center, reviewed by both Rhonda Jamb and Adult Beginner here

Align Method, blog post by Adult Beginner (written before the review project was started) here

Key for judging class levels, as codified by Rhonda Jamb.
TB: True Beginner. Little or no previous ballet knowledge. Maybe you know the five positions but that’s about it.
IB: Intermediate Beginner. Previous ballet training but not for a looooong ass time. You took class in your youth at a rinky-dink school where you learned how to do a tour jete before you grew hips and decided you’d rather be smoking weed with your friends.
AB: Advanced Beginner. Rusty after not getting into Pointe shoes after too many years. You’ve been away, but when you weren’t, you were the best dancer in class and you damn well knew it. Or, you were a TB two or three years ago and rose thru the ranks.
TI: No, I don’t mean the famous rapper who went to jail, I mean True Intermediate. You’re a wonderful ballerina who never quit her day job. Maybe in the next life you’ll know better.
TA: True Advanced. Dude, I don’t even know you. Oh, you take classes at The Edge? Cool. Oh, you were in a J.Lo video? Awesome. Oh, you used to be a principal dancer for the New York City Ballet? Wow… can you sign my ballet slipper? TA’s are the seniors to our freshman. Don’t look at them, don’t talk to them, and do whatever they say—I know it’s unfair but them’s the rules. If you go rogue and find your entire house toilet papered, I’m gonna have to pretend I don’t know you. Sorry.

7 Responses to adult ballet classes in LA

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  5. Carla Escoda says:

    So, AB, this is not exactly in your neck of the woods, but I thought you’d enjoy reading about it:

  6. Gabi says:

    Hi! I love reading your blog. Just curious, I used to live in LA and took classes at Edge. You’ve mentioned in a few times but haven’t reviewed it here – just curious what you think of the classes there? I lived right by it, so I had that advantage!

  7. Alexa Sand says:

    I was living in Pasadena for a while and LOVED the Dance Conservatory adult classes with Patricia Godfrey and Francisco Martinez. Not live music, but lively people!

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