First Class Stories

Every now and then people write to me and share the story of their First Ballet Class.
The Adult Beginner loves that!
It’s so neat to see the first plié through someone else’s eyes, amIright?
How it was different, how it was the same, that whole, “Yes, me too, I felt like that too!” feeling?
So I was thinking it would be neat to have some place where people can share their First Class stories and it might even be fun for people who haven’t had a first class yet to be able to read other people’s stories and be like, “ok, that’s not so scary”, or maybe even be like, “yikes, that is totally scary! But intriguing!”
Some place…
Like maybe a page on a blog?
So, hey, wanna play?
If you’d like to tell about your first ballet class ever, or your first class as a returner, or your first class with a new teacher or new style of ballet, or link to your First Class Story on your own blog, I would really love to read it and I bet other people would too.

67 Responses to First Class Stories

  1. Hi Adult Beginner! I’ve been creeping on your blog the last few days and noticed I never did post my first class story, so here we go!

    I was 25, post child, depressed and really really fluffy after years of eating my feelings and working at a desk 10hrs a day. I’d tried all sorts of exercise plans/programs and nothing stuck. Zumba, running (5ks and such), swimming, a 5 year gym membership (read: money flushed down the toilet), pilates, yoga…. you name it, I tried it. I tried all sorts of diets as well without ever committing. I sat down one day in frustration and thought about the things I loved to do as a kid/teen, and dance stuck out from the myriad of activities I used to do. I danced from 3-18 and was actually reasonably talented back in the day, so I decided to seek out ballet classes.

    My outfit for my first dance class was totally ridiculous. I sucked it up and bought a leotard, tights and ballet slippers, but I was super self conscious about it, so for whatever reason I decided to wear a pair of lavender leggings UNDERNEATH my leotard and over my tights. Because that weird idea won’t draw more attention… lol.

    The studio I settled on offered two ballet classes in my age range. Beginning, for ages 11 to adult, and intermediate/advanced, for ages 14 to adult. I tried out the beginning class first, and lo and behold it was several 11 year olds and me, the old, extremely tall (6’1) chubby adult. The terms and technique quickly came back to me, but my strength betrayed me.

    After class the instructor asked me to stay for the intermediate class. I took two classes that day– intermediate was better for me as it was almost entirely composed of adults and a few older teens, and I was able to keep up technically. The studio owner and instructor asked me to remain in the intermediate class, and that I did!

    Three weeks back to the barre I was asked if I’d be interested in joining the pointe class, so I did! At 2nd semester I added lyrical class, and performed that year in three numbers… technique, lyrical and pointe! Second year I added contemporary to the mix, and this year I’m taking lyrical, jazz, ballet technique, pointe, 2 tap classes, contemporary and I’m assistant teaching 3 little kid classes. Dance is what I thrive on and I’m SO happy I decided to take the plunge and try out dance again. I’ve lost over 50lbs from dance alone and it’s been a crazy whirlwind. I’m in the studio almost every day, and if I ever become independently wealthy (better start playing the lottery) I’ll be there 100% of my free time.

    Dance is amazing, terrifying, and the best emotional outlet around town. :)

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