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Strong! Fast! Zzzzzush! Fire!

Frappés, man. I have heard more than one teacher say, during class, while telling us to do frappés, “I don’t know why we do frappés!” Which makes me think, “well then why Are we doing frappés! I though you were … Continue reading

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Noodling On about Sickles.

Was making lunch for my little boy the other day and noticed this: Check it out, she’s holding a sickle. Let’s looks closer: Gosh she’s pretty. At first glance I thought she was standing and had weird proportions, but on … Continue reading

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Fun with false cognates

So we’re at the barre, working on a new trick, and everyone’s all confused about the feet. Where is the working foot supposed to be? Pointed and touching the top of the knee in front? The side of the knee? … Continue reading

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Pas de deuces.

Talking to a friend the other day, Her daughter has been requesting this Barbie ballerina book like every night for story time, you know, probably like Barbie’s Pretty Pink Adventures As A Pretty Primadonna! And Friends! or something. Don’t judge, … Continue reading

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Just now typing the word “entrechat”, I was suddenly really looking at the word for the first time and seeing that it ends in “chat” and wondering in a feeble non-French-speaking way if it has anything to do with cats? … Continue reading

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Donde esta lé tendu?

This question came in from a reader the other day, and I thought it was pretty hilarious, and I have a little idea about what the answer might be but also wanted to share it with you, Gentle Reader, and … Continue reading

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Too soon?

Some new music in class today, (still not The ipod tho) What Smirnoff really wants, he sez, is some new waltz, some new Strauss. But Strauss is in Vienna, de-composing. And we all groan, And he laughs and sez, “oh, … Continue reading

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