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And the OFF BALANCE winner is….

Two Winners! Surprise!!!!! I received a note from Terez Mertes Rose (author and generous provider of a signed copy of her new novel Off Balance) that read, and I quote,  Pick two winners, okay? Tell them I adore their enthusiasm and … Continue reading

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A Give-Away: for Your Eyes Only…

*{give-away now closed, winner will be announced Monday, big thank yous to everyone who entered!}* …because it’s a Book, haha! See, ’cause it’s for your eyes? To, uh, you know, read? Anyway, here it is!     Off Balance by Terez … Continue reading

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Misty and Harry, Wizards.

Dude, Gentle Reader, have you read Misty Copeland’s book? A Life In Motion: an unlikely ballerina? I was in a hold-list about five people deep for the book at my library, and when it was finally my turn I tore … Continue reading

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Clocks is always good for a title-sequence, in my mind

Two things about Dancing Through It by Jenifer Ringer: Thing 1) it starts in the wrong place Thing 2) it ends in the wrong place Ok, regarding Thing 1) The book starts at the beginning. It shouldn’t though, it should … Continue reading

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Reading Audition

I was telling my husband about this book I just read, Audition by Stasia Ward Kehoe, And I was like, “it’s ballet young-adult fiction. But it’s written in verse! But not like rhyming couplets verse, more like a stream of … Continue reading

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Noodling On about Sickles.

Was making lunch for my little boy the other day and noticed this: Check it out, she’s holding a sickle. Let’s looks closer: Gosh she’s pretty. At first glance I thought she was standing and had weird proportions, but on … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar December 17: o hai Mucha

Oh, you know, just homage-ing Alphonse Mucha. Like ya do. This drawing loosely based on one from Plate 49 of Documents Décoratifs, which Mucha had published as a portfolio in 1901. My paperback reprint is: The Art Nouveau Style Book … Continue reading

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