check it out: Totes Important Themes brought together on one page.

Theme: Flat Slippers, Ladies Only
Back To First Position here
Ballet and/or Bust here
Bearika Ballerina here
Beginning Ballet here
Good Toes Bad Toes here
Immitation Ballerina here
Kash of All Trades here
KitTeaCat Does Ballet here
The Kool Chicken here
Meet Me At The Barre here
Miss Rainstorm here
Point(e)s, Hops, and Kicks here
Primahackerina here
This Life And Times here
Terpsichore here
Wellies&Pearls&Ballet Shoes here

Theme: Pointe
Adult Ballerina Project link
Advance, Never Halt link
Ballet shoes and Mickey Ears link
Bead 109 here
Bethany Keats: Poet Lorikeet link
Bush Ballerina zap
Dance Away From The Uglies link
Entrechat here
Hannah J Holmes link
Interpreting en Pointe here
Kakakiri hier
Kingdom of Style bam
Knit Two, Pointe Two, Bake Two Together here
Legal Ballerina link
Leotards and the Buns In Them this ones a dude
Merci et Chatons bam
N. Lynde here
Poets and Pirouettes here
Pointe ’till You Drop boom
Point(e)work here
Remedial Ballerina link
Returning To Relevé link
Rheumatic Princess zoom
Rori Roars bizam
Secrets of a Balletomane link
Some Assemblé Required link
Straight to the Pointe here
The Classical Girl link
To The Pointe link
We Do Ballet boom
What the Wife Did Next link

Theme: Men
Ballet Chap here
a Ballet Education here
Brand New Me In Ballet World here
Dancing Over The Hill here
The Dapper Dancer here
Dave Tries Ballet here
Leotards and the Buns In Them here
Love Ballet 89 here
My Beautiful Machine here
Rahyuhn Jeymz Takes On Ballet here
RMedina49 here
Tights&Tiaras here
You Dance Funny, So Does Me here

Theme: Get Dressed
Baby Bunheads here flower crowns and skirts
Barre To Dance Wear etsy here leotards
Black Milk’s leggings page
Boys Dance Too here for the fellas, obvs.
Cloud&Victory here dancewear and funny
Danseuse here dancewear layers
Designed By Alice here skirts and tiny animals
gwenyth here the Modern Classic Top+Tunic
Lone Reed etsy here leotards
Lucky Leo Dancewear etsy here leotards
Miss Jones Dance etsy here leotards, skirts
Pinq Couture etsy here skirts
Rotation Dancewear here sell your (nice) old stuff, get new stuff
Tulips By Tracy here skirts
You Go Girl Dancewear here plus sizes here

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