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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.

Adult Ballet at Evolution Studios

Review By: Adult Beginner Class Is Called: Adult Ballet Where: Evolution Studios, North Hollywood Website:  When: The schedule on the website seems to be kind of screwy and there/not there, so I’mma help: it’s Tuesday evenings 6:30pm and Saturday … Continue reading

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Ballet at Hollywood Wilshire YMCA

Review by: Adult Beginner Class is called: Ballet Where: the Hollywood YMCA  Website: How it is: The barre in this class really works articulation of the feet. One neat thing we did involved coming to a demi-pointe on the working … Continue reading

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Clocks is always good for a title-sequence, in my mind

Two things about Dancing Through It by Jenifer Ringer: Thing 1) it starts in the wrong place Thing 2) it ends in the wrong place Ok, regarding Thing 1) The book starts at the beginning. It shouldn’t though, it should … Continue reading

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Moar questionable ballet trends

While we are talking about questionable trends in ballet class, What do you think about socks? I’ve been noticing this lately: Socks, either dark colored and pulled up to the knee, or short and scrunched up under the arch leaving … Continue reading

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Under/Over: the great Tights talk

A long long time ago the Adult Beginner wrote this post about people wearing pink tights over their leotards. Almost five years later, as an older and hotter and wiser Adult Beginner, I have heard tell that lots of people … Continue reading

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A real outfit on a real person in a real ballet class

What I like here is the contrast of wrists covered up by long slouchy sleeves —modest almost— with visible leotard bottom. Don’t see much VLB in Los Angeles. I like it though. It’s cheeky. (Ok the shirt wasn’t really that … Continue reading

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Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and then there’s other times.

Went to ballet at Millennium Dance Complex the other day. It was my first class after about a month off, and I went to Millennium because I needed a ballet class that is the exact opposite of Cheers. Know what … Continue reading

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