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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.

Don’t cry, little centaur

   Don’t cry, little centaur. Those pointes aren’t going to work, but….your hair sure is pretty? Gentle Reader! I haven’t posted in a bit, but I just wanted to let you know everything’s cool here in AdultBeginnerLand, we are all … Continue reading

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Ballet 422, for a slightly melancholic evening of reflecting on the nature of art. Plus gusset-flashing.

I watched Ballet 422 the other day, You know, the one where the camera follows Justin Peck around while he creates the 422nd new work for the New York City Ballet. Mr. Adult Beginner was in the room, but mostly not … Continue reading

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The truth about ballet etiquette 

Dude, I witnessed some super bad behavior the other day. Here’s what happened: Big big studio. Not my regular ballet class. One of those places where you get to class and there are like fifteen barres already set up and … Continue reading

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And the OFF BALANCE winner is….

Two Winners! Surprise!!!!! I received a note from Terez Mertes Rose (author and generous provider of a signed copy of her new novel Off Balance) that read, and I quote,  Pick two winners, okay? Tell them I adore their enthusiasm and … Continue reading

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Hey Cool Girl, what’s in your dance bag?

   Old worn out pink canvas slippers. They might’ve been Bloch at one time but you can’t see logo anymore.  That’s it. There’s not even a dance bag involved, she just, like, tucks those mofos into the waistband of her … Continue reading

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A Give-Away: for Your Eyes Only…

*{give-away now closed, winner will be announced Monday, big thank yous to everyone who entered!}* …because it’s a Book, haha! See, ’cause it’s for your eyes? To, uh, you know, read? Anyway, here it is!     Off Balance by Terez … Continue reading

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Hey Mama, what’s in your dance bag?

Type: mother description: The good news is she made it to class. The bad news is she brought the wrong bag. It’s a net win.   The Plié Chassé Jeté All Day canvas tote from The Australian Ballet Shop. It’s not currently … Continue reading

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