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  1. Joy says:


    I loved your ramblings. Am an adult beginner myself and I do sooo understand what you write about :)

    Will be looking forward to your next article.

  2. Hey ABs – Where’d you learn to draw like that?

  3. cmsnifer says:

    Hey, love your posts!

  4. Heather says:

    Hi Adult Beginner,

    I found your website yesterday through The Ballet Bag, and proceeded to read every post. I love it! When I was 5 or so I asked to start ballet lessons, but my mum said no (too expensive). Recently I have developed a nasty habit of watching too many ballet clips on youtube, and spending hours reading ballet blogs. Maybe what I really need is to enrol on the Ballet Basics class at my local dance studio. In short, you, Adult Beginner, are an inspiration.

    On an aside, what amazing course did you study at university that you did anatomy drawing, made a tutu, and were provided with the mad skillz to make your own leotard?

    • Oh, yay, definitely enroll!
      Moar Adult Beginners Plz!
      Here’s how the university thing went down: Took Anatomy and Physiology as a freshman, because science is rad. Class wasn’t told to draw, drawing was just the best memorization tool I could think of. Better than flash-cards.
      But then realized I don’t like working long hours with sick people, so moved out of the pre-pre-med classes and into fine arts and then costumes.
      Joke’s on me, because now I work long hours with people who are sick in the head.
      Hi, co-workers!!!!! I’m talkin ’bout you!
      Anyway, tutu was (the best evar) independent study, leotards mostly learned on the job.
      But back to you and ballet: Yes! For realz! Sign up! It’s really kinda life-changing to get to take ballet after years of feeling like you missed the boat.

  5. Dianne says:

    I love this blog. A great relief from all the serious dance writing. Like mine… I really mean it, this is so refreshing!

  6. FG says:

    A 44 year old beginner thanks you and seeks encouragement.

  7. Pamela Sue Fox says:

    OMG – this blog is hysterical. I am so happy to have found it!

  8. Kim says:

    I stumbled upon your blog after thinking about taking an adult beginner class. Now I will definitely be taking that class, and maybe I will join in the blogging about it on my blog. LOVE your blog!

  9. Mary says:

    I really really like your blog. Are you thinking about going on pointe? and if so when do you think you’ll try it?

    • Thank you, Mary! And I believe you’ll find an answer to you question in my very first post.
      Ha! Ok, here’s a more serious answer: I would really love to try pointe, but I’m still very much a beginner and it feels like pointe is a long way off. There are so many areas I would need to improve before adding that extra level of difficulty. Balance, for one, still not very steady on demipointe.
      But, the nice thing is, when I wrote that first post I thought I would never get to try pointe because I’m an adult beginner, but now, having read about other adult beginners on pointe, I can see that it’s at least a possibility.

  10. emilia says:

    “Complimenti” from an italian adult beginner! I started 5 years ago, at the age of 41. My first wonderful teacher was 21 years old. I had classes with beginners of 11-15. I felt myself so wrong! But I continued and I enjoy so much! Thanks to every good dance- teacher. Thank you for your special blog. Proud to be an old adult beginner and, now I know, not alone.

  11. Fleurov says:

    Share your passion

  12. dance25 says:

    Hi adultbeginner,

    I need some feedback from a fellow adult beginner ballet dancer. If you have a moment and would be open to talking, please e-mail me!!


  13. Wow, I love your site! Can’t believe I’ve only just found it, never mind – I’m here now. I’ve started running adult classes in ballet, really enjoying it and your picture on the about page of your site has definitely made a connection with me. You should come check out my site – let me know what you think? (robertallancooke.co.uk)

    Thanks again,
    Rob :D

  14. balletnerd says:

    Howdy Adult Beginner –

    I love your posts. They address the rambling thoughts I’ve had since beginning ballet at 29 yrs and also inspired me to start my own blog. Thanks for adding some ballet humor to my day. I also added your blog to my blogroll.

  15. 30somethingfauxballerina says:

    I love your blog! It’s highly amusing and I can totally relate. Took my first ballet class at the same age, and am only 2 months 3 weeks in. Unfortunately, I’m not in a true beginners / basic class… mine is “all level adults welcome”, which means I have not one but four girls in pointe shoes twirling around next to me at any given time. Luckily, I have The Nicest Ballet Teacher on Planet Earth… otherwise I would have given up. Keep writing, it’s inspiring and entertaining!

  16. a.mid-30s.dancer says:

    I’ve just spent the past week reading your posts. I think I have a new addiction besides ballet :-) I’m coming up on my six-month anniversary of starting ballet and I love it. My teacher also uses the Vaganova technique. And yes, your post on “Vaganova said knock you out” is BRILLIANT! Keep on writing! Your blog is inspirational to this beginning dancer who’s closer to 40 than 30.

  17. Beth says:

    Adult Beginner-hilarious! Laugh out loud funny stuff! My husband thinks i am high or something cause evry few seconds, a giggle or snort escapes from me. From a 30 year old soon-to-be adult beginner myself, thank you! I was looking for reassurance that i was not going to look like a fool for trying ballet and i found you! Wish me luck!

  18. Hey, great blog, light and funny and very encouraging, even for adult beginners who are not into ballet, but into ballroom :) At first I felt a bit odd as a late bloomer, but reading blogs like yours has made me realize that it’s never too late and that there’s nothing to worry about. Lovely :)

  19. IckleMrs says:

    Hi Adult beginner.

    So glad I found your blog. I am 29 and signed up for my first absolutely beginner class starting on Tuesday (yesterday). However on the weekend I bought a Ballet workout DVD as to prepare myself for yesterday and pulled both my calf muscles! I am a runner so it is not like I am not use to training. :(
    Missed my first class and a bit worried now lol! I’m going next Tuesday and hopefully I will be ok!

    Thanks for your blog!

  20. IckleMrs says:

    Lol! Yeah! She incorporated a lot of Split Jumps in the cardio bit of the workout. They weren’t like proper ones I imagine, but I have never done them before. I am fine today and ran 6 miles last night so maybe they were only a bit unhappy with me…. :)
    Can’t wait now for my first class next week (especially after reading more of your blog!!)

    • Ok then. Carry on.
      I run too, and was really surprised at how much running did not prepare me for ballet class. I mean, it’s all leg muscles, right? Seems like if you can cruise through a six mile run with no trouble, a little ol’ hour and fifteen minute ballet class should be no thang. And then it’s reléve time and you’re like, come on, calves, show me whatcha got!
      Have a great time in class!

  21. Nina says:

    Love your blog! I started ballet last week at the grand age of 24 and I am already feeling the effects of old-age when my other dancemates are in their teens! Stretching is torturous but I love every minute of the torture! I am just wondering, how often do you take classes a week?

    • Yay, way to get in there with the teenagers! Just remember: they may be more bendy; you can legally drink. That’s right, bitches!
      I take class twice a week, it’s an open level class. Depending on who shows up I am sometimes the least experienced student, and other times the most experienced.

  22. Kylara7 says:

    Found your blog whilst Googling all things ballet and I love it! I’m also an adult beginner who stumbled into ballet after a childhood and young adulthood in sports and athletics and man, ballet is probably the most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done :) But it’s so much fun and so addicting…I suspect because it’s got the whole “random reward” thing going on. Research studies have shown that random payoff is the most appealing to rats and other mammals. When you have that great class out of the blue, the “hit” of euphoria is so wonderful…then you struggle through the middling days and the awful dreadful tear-inducing bad class or two in search of your next good fix. I am told golf has much the same appeal (but really, ballet clothes are SO much cuter than golf clothes!). :)

  23. IckleMrs says:

    So went for my first ever Absolute Beginner Class. It was amazing! There was a stand in Teacher, but she was fab. The class was everything I expected!!! I can not wait for my next one.
    Is it normal when you think you alone to practice arms and positioning of feet….erm even in the corridor at work?? lol!

  24. Arianna says:

    I love, LOVE Your blog and find it very encouraging since Ballet is my unfulfilled dream, and probably will stay that way since in the City where I live there are no classes, schools or whatsoever for complete adult begginers… So I’m still dreaming and hoping that something will pop up in the near future (as soon as possible, before Irish dancing takes it’s toll ((: ) Keep up that way, Your blog is a big motivation for me, saying that It’s never too late for experiencing the beauty of Ballet! ♥

  25. Astra says:

    I’m an Adult Beginagain with a massivo case of unreality complex, wherein I’m desperate to become prima ballerina at world-class legend level, like, NOW; but can only afford one class a week for now. And having only started two weeks ago. Gah.

    Anyways, am *loving* your blog. I’m working my way backwards through your archives. You write like I think, but don’t realise that I think until I read someone else’s ramblings. If you know what I mean. I found it randomly while feverishly searching for terms like “beginner” and “adult” and”pointe”; speaking of which, WOW you’re on pointe already after one year of ballet starting from scratch? I want me some of that for suuuures.

    Hate that being an adult in this kiddie-centric world brings its own share of problems though. Like leotards! Totally not made with post-pubescents in mind. And there’s just so much more of me to move! I’m impatient and want to see a difference quickly but tis hard when I can’t even *move* quickly any more. Nevertheless I shall soldier on, and continue to read your blog for both inspiration and chuckles.

  26. ruth says:

    Just wanted to know, if you wanted to, could you print out your blog from the beginning easily or would you have to go to each post and print them separately?

  27. ruth says:

    Ps..I don’t want to print out your blog. I was just thinking of starting one for myself but don’t know how it all works.

  28. Bronwyn says:

    Just want to say thanks for the inspiration! <3 I'm considering taking an absolute-beginner class, as soon as I find one. I've been a couch potato my entire adult life after tearing up my ankle as a teenage tennis junkie, and managed half a semester at the local junior college's Ballet 1. (It was exceptionally off-putting to find I knew less than everyone else and there was a girl on pointe in back the whole time. :P) I want to try again, maybe in a studio where I can get some one-on-one time, seeing as how I anticipate lots of pain. And yet… I can't stop queuing up YouTube clips of ballet. So, long-winded explanation aside – any tips for an absolute beginner to all things physically challenging?
    Love your blog and the great humor! Especially the summary of Swan Lake you recently posted. I just rented the DVD to watch.

    • I’m worried about you anticipating lots of pain!
      As far as how to prepare, don’t knock yourself out before hand, let the class reveal to you what you need to work on.
      I had to work on building stamina. As a runner, that was a Huge surprise.
      An absolute beginner class with one-on-one sounds great, have an awesome time!

  29. tricia says:

    started ballet this year at age 47 and loving it, thanks for the fun blog.

  30. Oriana says:

    Hi love your blog so much and laugh a lot while reading your articles. Started ballet last year as an adult and definitely encourage those who love ballet start to do it even they think it may be too late. Thanks for your inspirations..

  31. I love your blog! I have been reading it for months now. I am also an adult beginner. I always wanted to do ballet as a child, but my parents couldn’t afford it. After my first son was born, when I was 25, I decided that I should get out their and pursue my ballet dream to help get me back into shape. What I discovered in ballet was so much more than meets the eye! It is one of the most amazing things I have ever undertaken–its so beautiful, graceful, peaceful, perplexing, tiring, energizing, dumbfounding, and intellectual–all at once! I am in better shape than I have ever been in, and I have two babies under my belt now. I even danced all throughout my pregnancy with my second son. I truly enjoy reading about your experience as a beginning adult ballet dancer. Not only is it an absolute pleasure to read, but it is wonderful to see that there are others out there going through the same things that I am going through as an adult beginner. I am about to perform in my first show, the Nutcracker! It’s so crazy balancing motherhood with my love of ballet, but it is so worth it, as I am sure you know. Thanks! -Kel

    • Yes!
      That’s amazing, chookas on your performance!
      Great description of the Great Contradiction that is ballet, and I totally know what you mean about it being wonderful to see there are others going through the same things.
      Thank you!

  32. Melissa in Ohio says:

    Hi! I was just told about your blog by Ballet Freak. Looks like a riot! I can’t wait to read more. I’m 39 and have had a strong “itching” to take adult ballet lessons. Never have taken any, though I took a few years of gymnastics and ice skating as a kid. Not sure where this ballet urge comes from, but when it’s strongly in your mind, must be a reason, eh?! Thanks for inspiring me and for your funny blog. I will definitely be checking back frequently! U go, girlie!

  33. loveablestef says:

    Adult Beginner,

    You so funny! Love the humor, love the courage to take this on at age 32, and yes, you are right, dancing as an adult is totally life changing! Good luck with the contest! And keep the posts coming. Love your spirit and thanks for sharing your story. More people might start dancing because of your example, and that is always a good thing. I’m back to it after leaving it behind in high school and it means more to me now as an adult. You can read about my journey at dancingwithstefanie.com (or not, Whatev’s) :) But now that I’m back doing it, I’ll never stop ever again. -Stefanie

  34. Victoria says:

    Hi Adult Beginner,

    First of all, I found your blog doing some random searches on google to see if anyone did actually start ballet as an adult. A few of my friends aren’t too supportive of the idea and so it’s great to hear that others are doing it as well and are PROUD to say they started as adults not as a 5 year old.

    I have recently enrolled in an adult beginner ballet class though it doesn’t start until later on in Jan, I am so excited! I did a very small amount of ballet, jazz, etc styled dance as a child but had to quit due to my mother saying it was too expensive, which was a shame because I was crazy passionate about it. Now that I’m older and earning my own income nothing can stop me ;) Since then its been about 10 years + and I’m definitely not as flexible or thin, haha. I am very nervous to start ballet again as my body isn’t exactly a typical “dancer” body and I was wondering if you think my body shape would improve with more dance? –

    Keep up the awesome work! can’t wait to read the next entry. -Victoria

  35. Loving your blog! Thought you might enjoy this :)

    • Yes, this totally hilarious thing has been all up in my twitter feed lately. The little “your face looks so open!” “thank you!” moment is one of my faves. Did you know the two ladies both have blogs?

      • OK …. have since realised everyone in the world has already seen this video. Sorry!

        I found Carling’s blog. A fine writer with a great attitude (mental…. and probably leg too)

  36. CrescentMelissa says:

    Your blog is so much fun! I’m starting ballet too, I am so happy that there are others out there too.

  37. Liana says:

    Hi adult beginner- I have been following your blog this summer since I started dancing regularly. I’m an adult semi beginner since I’ve taken ballet on an off for a couple years and did about two years other dance with minimal ballet as a preteen. Now I’m becoming obsessed with dance and acrobatics especially ballet. I hesitated at first to really pursue ballet as an adult but your blog really helped me push past the pesky questions about why do it if not professionally. I’m hoping to incorporate ballet into my acrobatics and perform with the circus, which you can train for in your twenties/thirties. I’ve also started pointe work and am really starting to progress with ballet and I’m thrilled. Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration to non conventional ballet-ers!!! – liana

  38. Isabelle says:

    Hoorays! AB’s!!!! Nice.

  39. Becky says:

    My fifth class is friday :) Cecchetti method adult beginners grade 2 Perth, Western Australia and i haven’t been this happy in… well … awhile i guess. ha. A friend asked how it felt to be back in dance classes after so many (many) years out and the only way i could explain it was “Soul-happy”. Found your blog after some googling for more Adult Beginner Stories around the world and its great to see so many people from all sorts of walks of life with all of our lifely problems enjoying the same thing.
    Got my first shoes Monday just got to sew on the elastics and i’m ready to go!


    • Soul-happy! Yes!
      That’s awesome, hope everything went well with the elastic sewing.
      New shoes! Excite!
      If you’d like to, please share your story of your first class on the First Class Stories page, I love hearing how the first ballet class was, and I’m thinking it’s probably fun for other people too

  40. nrupas says:

    I just had to tell you – how much i love reading your blog. I have been wanting to learn ballet – since forever – and i finally found a class – where the other people are really thin and dance pretty :) But it makes me so happy. And reading your blog reassures me that I can dance ballet, even if i am an adult now! Thank you so much :D

  41. Great blog – us adult beginners must stick together!

  42. Alicia says:

    I’m an adult beginner too! I started in July of 2012. One of my fellow adult ballerinas told me about your blog during tonight’s Ballet I class. I am so excited to read it and know that there are a bunch of us not letting our age keep us from accomplishing our goals.

    I’m 36 years old, almost 37. I call myself the Bunless Ballerina because my hair is pixie cut. There’s no getting a bun out of that. Lol. I took dance lessons as a kid but don’t remember a thing. I have wanted to learn ballet for quite some time but hesitated because my body is not what you would consider ballet approved. I’m short, stubby, and curvy with a side of boobs that if I’m not careful, I could knock myself out. With the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I said screw it. I’m doing it. Life is too short! So now twice a week I go out there with the biggest smile on my face and pretend I’m a prima ballerina.
    Alicia aka The Bunless Ballerina :)

  43. RO says:

    Hi! I’ve found your blog by surfing through the ‘ballet’ directory of wordpress, and thank God I did!!
    I love it so far. I’ve started ballet when I was 19 (did ballet when I was 5 for some years but quit). I’m now doing pointe work since last year and I’m always excited to read about other people’s experiences with adult ballet! I’ll be sure to follow you from now on ;-)

  44. Terez Mertes says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog! I am an adult student, not a beginner to ballet, but a beginner to ballet blogging. (I blog as The Classical Girl.) Your site has been a fun, informative tutorial on how to do one well. I’m adding your link to my blog roll, and my hope is that some day my blog is good enough for you to consider posting my link to your own blog roll. Something to work toward, and in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy your great posts!

  45. loveablestef says:

    Hello there! You already know I’m a fan so I thought of your blog today when I got nominated for The Liebster award. I’m nominating you. I hope you’ll consider participating :)


  46. I am a teacher of adult ballet and I just stumbled upon your blog page. Delightful!!! I love it! It gives me perspective on what my students are thinking and feeling. I am going to share your page on my web-site. Good stuff! Keep it up. :) Brava!

  47. Dear Busy AB, this thing is moving around like the plague, I nominated your with a liebster award too!

  48. Rebecca says:

    Awesome blog.
    I started as an Adult Beginagain last autumn in a very casual class and I am LOVING it.
    No leotards, no tights and at the gym studio not in a ballet school so substantially less intimidating.
    But we work HARD and despite my last class being twenty years and two kids ago it turns out my body hasn’t forgotten much. It can’t do it yet, but it knows where it should be…

    Keep writing, and if you find a pair of black footless that are 100% not see-through on the bottom let us know!

  49. Jecca says:

    I adore your blog! Found you through Cloud and Victory. I’m a returned-to-the-barre adult (danced 10 years as a kid; I’m almost 40 now). I’m taking an adult class and also, this summer, a class with teens, which has been hilarious and upsetting by turns, and always humbling.

  50. YOU my friend, have just received a Liebster Award from yours truly. Please respond in kind! http://balletscoop.com/2014/03/31/my-liebster-blog-award/

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