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  1. wedoballet says:

    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award. Play along if you will :)

  2. kahn says:

    Hi AB. Your blog is totally delightful. Because of you, I tried both Align Ballet and shopping at Danny’s Warehouse and I love them both. However, I now think I have a serious leotard problem and I can’t stop buying them. What’s ironic is that when I first started adult ballet I vowed I would never wear tights nor leotards because I found them infantilizing/horribly unflattering/more naked feeling than actually being naked. I also found the aesthetic of design clothes kind of cheezola, but now I am hooked—like, crack addict hooked. Like setting aside my clothing budget to just buy dance class clothes. So my question is: could you do a post on online dance clothes retailers you like? I’ve found two that I think are good, but I’d love to know more for when I’m feeling too lazy to drive across town to a dimly lit warehouse…

    • Yay for Align and Danny’s Warehouse!
      But oh. man. I am terrible at buying clothes, ballet or otherwise. Mainly because I think I’ll just make stuff and then I never do, and meanwhile I haven’t bought anything either. Problemzzzz.
      Could do a post asking for recommendations though, that might work out to your and my and everybody’s advantage, hmm…
      So glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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