And the OFF BALANCE winner is….

Two Winners! Surprise!!!!!

I received a note from Terez Mertes Rose (author and generous provider of a signed copy of her new novel Off Balance) that read, and I quote, 

Pick two winners, okay? Tell them I adore their enthusiasm and it’s been a gift for me to read the comments

So there are two winners! Isn’t that really cool? I think that’s really cool. 

So off to the random number generator, and the results are:

Yes, I totally use the free online random number generator, screen capture, and sloppy-edit them into one picture. You can make fun of my computery ways if you want, it’s cool.

Congratulations to Comment Number 40: That’s you Aino! And yes, it was still Friday in Los Angeles when you commented.

And congratulations to Comment Number 10: That good luck came right back atcha, Cerise

Yay Aino and Cerise! Ms. Rose will email you directly to arrange delivery of your super-hot book wins. 

Thank you to everyone who entered! I know I’ve said this before, but I’mma say it again: you’re all winners to me. 

Please feel free to visit the book info page to learn more about Off Balance, and while you’re there on the classical girl blog why not explore and learn more about the author? Here is a link to Amazon where you can buy Off Balance in paper back or for digital. 

Big Thank You to Terez Mertes Rose for providing two (!!) signed copies to give away, and for being cool with shipping worldwide. It’s been an honor to host you and your book, Terez! 

The disclosures: I got to read the book for free, and Ms. Rose is sending me a print copy for my very own, but I was not paid to review or host the giveaway and none of the links I’ve included are affiliate or bring me anything other than the joy of helping people find a good book. Happy reading friends. 

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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4 Responses to And the OFF BALANCE winner is….

  1. Aino says:

    Hurrayy! Thank you very much, this is lovely! I can not wait to get the book!

  2. Cerise says:

    Hooray! I’m looking forward to it.

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