Hey Mama, what’s in your dance bag?

Type: mother
description: The good news is she made it to class. The bad news is she brought the wrong bag. It’s a net win.


  1. The Plié Chassé Jeté All Day canvas tote from The Australian Ballet Shop. It’s not currently in stock, and to be real it’s a little oversized for a diaper bag, considering that mom types tend to carry many heavy items simultaneously such as bag, purse, and child. But it would be so cool as a diaper bag. 
  2. The Patemm changing pad, shop it here. I have this one, great gift from a great friend. It folds out to a circle, so it’s always right-side up. Brilliant! Mine is dots on orange with brown binding. I love it. It is well designed and beautiful and sturdy and a pleasure to look at. 
  3. Unscented baby-wipes, because the best fragrance is clean. 
  4. Honest sunscreen, website here, totally does not rub in all the way, but is all natural and stuff.
  5. Babiators. No really, I’m not making this up. A hilarious gift from a hilarious friend.
  6. Tiny socks
  7. Tiny shirt
  8. Tiny pants. I love it when baby clothes have pockets. What are they going to put in those baby pockets? Baby wallets? Bwah! 
  9. Not pictured: extra napkins from every restaurant, water bottle, sun hat for baby, sun hat for mama, business cards from businesses you’ll never employ but are too polite to refuse such as children’s hair salon, children’s portrait photographer, roller derby. 

This was inspired by a recent recycling rampage I had, where I tore out all the pages I liked from my giant stack of Pointe Magazines and then threw the empty magazine shells into the recycling bin, and noticed that the one feature I saved from every single issue was the What’s In Your Dance Bag page. That mess is always fascinating.
I’ll probably do some more of these.
Regarding the links: none of these are sponsored or affaliated or providing me with any compensation or money or anything, these are just things I like and use, with the exception of the Plié tote bag which is just a fantasy of mine as long as it remains out of stock.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Hey Mama, what’s in your dance bag?

  1. Nadine says:

    I hate it when baby clothes have pockets because I know what goes in there – SAND. All the sand. Never-ending sand . .

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