File under: Get down from there model, you are not a ballerina. 


Alternately file under: One of these girls is about to snap an ankle, and it’s not the one in the platform heels. 

god I just can’t look at it. Just, come on girlfriend, turn out that leg and aim for the floor, it hurts my eyes and feelings.
To be fair, I tore this ad out of a magazine a long long time ago, probably South Coast Plaza has gotten their fake-dancer situation under control by now, and at least they didn’t have her go up on pointe.
And it is a pretty ad.
But to be unfair, Segerstrom Center For The Arts is right there, seems like they could’ve run over and borrowed a dancer for the afternoon or something I mean come on.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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11 Responses to File under: Get down from there model, you are not a ballerina. 

  1. Kiralia says:

    I know the feeling. I just hate when in movies the characters date/or meet someone dating ballerinas, that look nothing like ballerinas. The physical appearance is just wrong. I think it was in one of newer Batman movies, where Bruce Wayne was going out with some Russian ballerinas. And you could see a mile away, that they were some sort of models maybe, but defenetly not ballet dancers. Bah.

  2. lilacfairy64 says:

    hurts my eyes and feelings! lol :)

  3. calchi23 says:

    On the plus side, she doesn’t have her ribbons tied stupidly. At least there’s that.

  4. kiwiktn says:

    Maybe she’s more to be pitied for actually being a ballerina to an inattentive teacher who gives in to parent pressure? Who knows!

    RE: you think they’d run over and borrow a ballerina – ha! My bf works in marketing. He proudly sent me a pic of their new flyer, for a theatre evening a customer could win. Here he was, eagerly awaiting my response… and I tried to hold back from listing everything that was wrong with the model! The ribbons, the brand new shapeless shoes, being way behind the platform, crooked ankles, etc. It was terrible, and to be honest, I was surprised he didn’t know better. His target market, who would be interested in this, would normally know better, too. That just makes it even more embarrassing.

    • Oh no, was it too late to fix it? So much production goes into a photo shoot, so many people were probably standing around behind camera, it’s entirely possible that there actually was someone on set who could see this was wrong but was afraid to interrupt the director. It’s just a shame they don’t send a quick snap to, like, any of us dancers/students/fans and say Hey, if you saw this on line, would you wage a hate campaign on Twitter?

  5. koolchicken says:

    You know what bothers me more than the lack of turnout and the feet? It’s the way she’s just standing there. She’s slouching, at least try to look like you’re pulling up. Laziness!

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