A Discount For You At Rotation Dancewear

Recycling. Good for the planet, good for dance clothes.
Today I’m sending a high-five to RECYCLE by Rotation Dancewear.
What it is?
RECYCLE by Rotation Dancewear is an online marketplace where dancers can re-sell their stuff to other dancers.
For example, that leotard you were So Excited about but turned out to be not quite right (What?!?! I’m not a yumigirl after all???? whaaaaaaaaa how can this be sobsobsob shaking fist at sky!!!)
Well, don’t cry, and don’t send it to the thrift because you know it’ll just end up in a sad box of old bathingsuits and it’ll never find The Dancer It Was Meant For and that kind of ships-passing-in-the-night, star-crossed love is just too sad to even think about.
Instead, list it, describe it, use the key to determine its condition on the scale from “new with tags” to “loved”, make a little cash, feel good that another dancer found her leotardsoulmate.
You have to sign up to browse the RECYCLE marketplace, but its easy, just basic email sign up and then you can totally waste some time admiring all the gems other dancers have been hiding away in their closets. Not that I just spent the morning doing that or anything.
Anyway, I think this is pretty cool, like a long-distance clothing swap party with a bunch of adult dancers, students, and lovers of dance.
To further the coolness, Rotation Dancewear, which brings together several collections designed by professional dancers, has created a discount for you, Gentle Reader.
You may view the collections here: Rotation Dancewear and enter the coupon code BALLETLOVE for 10% off until May 15.
Hope you enjoy it, and big thank you to Rotation Dancewear!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to A Discount For You At Rotation Dancewear

  1. Rebecca says:

    (Those backwarmers do look fabulous – I have a couple from Uniqlo as winter underwear but hadn’t considered wearing them for class…)

    • Aren’t they funny? Basically just a tube top, but so much cooler and nicer and longer and not glittery. I mean, not that I own a glittery orange tube top or anything.

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