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Shave hair don’t care

   Saw this girl in ballet class the other day.  Pink tights, pink slippers, black leotard, black chiffon skirt, high ballerina bun. Totally classic ballet student look, except that half her head was shaved and then there’s the neck tattoo.  … Continue reading

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File under: Get down from there model, you are not a ballerina. 

   Alternately file under: One of these girls is about to snap an ankle, and it’s not the one in the platform heels.  god I just can’t look at it. Just, come on girlfriend, turn out that leg and aim … Continue reading

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Misty and Harry, Wizards.

Dude, Gentle Reader, have you read Misty Copeland’s book? A Life In Motion: an unlikely ballerina? I was in a hold-list about five people deep for the book at my library, and when it was finally my turn I tore … Continue reading

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A Discount For You At Rotation Dancewear

Recycling. Good for the planet, good for dance clothes. Today I’m sending a high-five to RECYCLE by Rotation Dancewear. What it is? RECYCLE by Rotation Dancewear is an online marketplace where dancers can re-sell their stuff to other dancers. For … Continue reading

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How Do We Pay For Ballet?

How do we pay for ballet class? Not like how do we make the money or how do we budget it, (entertainment? health? beauty? foldin’ money?) but how do we physically hand over the money. The Adult Beginner is kind … Continue reading

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No Spring Concert Here

Not too long ago the Adult Beginner recieved an email from a reader, mentioning among other things that it’s the norm in Anonymous Emailer’s homebase for adult ballet classes to culminate in some kind of end-of-term performance or recital or … Continue reading

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