Adult Ballet at Evolution Studios

Review By: Adult Beginner
Class Is Called: Adult Ballet
Where: Evolution Studios, North Hollywood
When: The schedule on the website seems to be kind of screwy and there/not there, so I’mma help: it’s Tuesday evenings 6:30pm and Saturday mornings 10:30am. For more information call the studio and maybe mention that their schedule is screwy. That’s what I did.
How It Is:
If your dream class involves personal corrections, this is your dream class. The teacher learned my name, and used it right away. Lots of corrections, delivered in an encouraging way.
This class is probably best for people in the mid-range, your IB’s through TI’s (key for class level Here)
TB’s (those are your absolute beginners) might have a hard time keeping up with the barre exercises, which move along really quickly with minimal explanation. New people are encouraged to follow, so I found it helped to know some vocabulary and be able to roughly recognize the things I was seeing. It’s not too complex, it’s just that it moves fast. And sweaty too, hoo boy fast and sweaty. Eschappé sequence and petite batterie, I’m looking at you.
TA’s on the other hand might be frustrated that the emphasis is more on a strong, complete, entire-body-working barre and less on show-off-ish center nonsense.
Size: small, five or so
Age Range: 30’s up
What To Wear: Pink tights happen here! But black tights remain, as always in LA, in the lead. The major look is leotard, black tights, shortie-shorts, ballet slippers. Everyone in this class wears ballet slippers.
Amenities: You guys, I am such a sucker for repurposed warehouses. Seriously. Just clear out a big space, drop in a bunch of studios rooms with sprung floors, polish the concrete in the hallways, leave the beams exposed and I’m so in love.
Such a sucker.
That’s what they’ve done here, and it’s beautiful, and it’s brand spanking new. They opened January 2015.
There are six studios, a kitchen, dressing rooms, separate bathrooms, small but free parking lot in back, some couches to check twitter on, wifi, vending machines. Sighhhhhh.
One negatory though: instead of regular wall barres they have these fancy new adjustable things. They are about the length that one student would need, and you have like four choices of height, which is nice, but one lady in class had hers slip out of adjustment and fold shut during barre stretch, plus I can’t help but wonder what happens when class is super full. Instead of everyone sliding closer along a long barre, you’d have some people sharing these clearly one-person spaces…just seems kinda over-engineered. My prediction: they’ll get regular barres once enough of these break or get stuck in some weird position or whatever.
Any Dudes? none that day
In Conclusion: Great, intense, friendly, sweaty, stretchy, jumpy, correction-y class. Get your slippers and go.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to Adult Ballet at Evolution Studios

  1. Old Faun says:

    A little offtopic, an addendum for the “Socks or slippers” question.
    I got a class by a dancer from our ballet company this week, she was there for substitute. She has worn for the most time of the class – socks.
    And it was a lesson in humbleness, when she demonstrated the adagio. It was a “look at her and imagine you do this, too. Do NOT look into the mirror”.

    PS: I would like to visit this class, but transatlantic plane tickets are so expensive…

  2. Jessica says:

    This class sounds like heaven on earth.

  3. theempris says:

    I started ballet as an adult beginner, after 365 days, I made an epic ballet+travel video “The Spin Around the World (Ballet Pirouette)”! Watch it here:

    Also, check out my website, for awesome dance, fashion, and travel content!

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