A real outfit on a real person in a real ballet class

What I like here is the contrast of wrists covered up by long slouchy sleeves —modest almost— with visible leotard bottom.
Don’t see much VLB in Los Angeles. I like it though. It’s cheeky.

(Ok the shirt wasn’t really that sheer in real life. Artistic license.)

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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26 Responses to A real outfit on a real person in a real ballet class

  1. wedoballet says:

    VLB… you slay me, AB! If tights UNDER leo wasn’t a total kid-in-uniform fashion issue for me, I’d totally flaunt my LB :)

  2. RainStorm says:

    Were they ballet-pink tights?!
    I see quite a bit of VLB here in London classes. I used to, but have taken to wearing a tiny pair of shorts or a ballet skirt. Obviously becoming more modest in my old age!

  3. Rebecca says:

    I saw that picure and wondered if you’d been at my Wednesday class!
    VLB is almost the norm at here – there are a few chiffon skirts and an occasional pair of shorts but the default is to wear a sweater or cardigan to be shed by the end of barre.
    But we have a small, sweaty upstairs studio and no aircon, so it’s unusual for anyone not to be down to just leo and tights by the end.
    (Also, chatting after class, I discover several ladies are scraping together the money for classes, so can’t splash out on lots of ballet wear – 1 pair shoes, 1 pair pink tights, 1 black cami leo are all many own. It was nice to see who had got pretty things for Christmas though, lots of new colours and little skirts.)

  4. Alice C. says:

    I’m a constant offender with VLB. Many of the other adults in my classes wear skirts or shorts, but my hips/rear need to be visible so the teacher can tut-tut about my hip alignment. Maybe when that’s not an issue I can wear shorts or something.

    I do like the fabric-covered sleeves contrasted with the smooth lines of the legs.

  5. I’m lost! What is VLB?

  6. kit says:

    I VLB. Always have, hopefully always will. While I used to also VLT, I can’t seem to let go of my little warm up sweater now…

  7. VLB? Never going to happen. Leo first, (pink) tights on top, covered by short black shorts, covered by a tunicy top or a ballet skirt. My popo gets enough attention as it is (refering to alignment). But what is a VLT?

  8. Maria D says:

    Love the drawing! I like how you can tell she’s listening to the teacher talk. :) Saw someone in my class in LA with a similar get-up the other day and I really liked it. I might be bold and try this out today.

  9. Cerise says:

    Can we discuss tights under leotard versus over? Why is one a kid thing and one an adult thing?

  10. Kaija says:

    My guess is that it’s because kids are usually held to a class uniform standard and HAVE to wear their tights under their leotard. Many adults prefer to wear tights over leos because it “smoothes the line” over the rear and hips (so that the pesky elastic doesn’t cut into the flesh as much) and also tends to keep the bottom of the leo in place so it doesn’t ride up.

    I’m with pointetilyoudrop as we are body twins…I *always* wear shorts or a skirt over my bottom! ;)

  11. Rein & Raven says:

    One of the ladies in my old class used to do this. It was paired with pink booty shorts at the barre, but when we moved to centre the shorts came off and the top stayed.

  12. I just love this, she’s so in her body. This is an awesome drawing.

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