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Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and then there’s other times.

Went to ballet at Millennium Dance Complex the other day. It was my first class after about a month off, and I went to Millennium because I needed a ballet class that is the exact opposite of Cheers. Know what … Continue reading

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Later dude. Ballet.

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The Odette, it’s a Wrap.

Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style sent me a piece from Danseuse, not for review purposes but just because she loooooooooooooooooves me. Here it is! It’s got kind of a kimono feeling, with a light open-weave fabric. A more elegant … Continue reading

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Favorite Search Engine Phrase of the day:

“Can some people not do pirouettes” I understand that this is a legitimate question, and have sometimes wondered it myself, but am having a really hilarious time reading this question with a Tone, directed at Some Specific Person who needs … Continue reading

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Reading Audition

I was telling my husband about this book I just read, Audition by Stasia Ward Kehoe, And I was like, “it’s ballet young-adult fiction. But it’s written in verse! But not like rhyming couplets verse, more like a stream of … Continue reading

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Hey Girl.

Here’s a little mystery. Exhibit A, for reference, your Adult Beginner: Exhibit B, photographed through the window of a boutique, after doing a double-take and shouting O MY GAWD SHES BEAUTIFUL WHO IS THAT GIRL: In other news, haaaaaaay.

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Brain all empty with fatigue, and yet thoughts keep coming out, what’s that about

Dude, Gentle Reader, it’s been a rough week here in Adult Beginner Land. Last week I took my little boy to the pediatrician, fully expecting to be sent home with a prescription, but instead we were sent to a specialist, … Continue reading

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