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Ballet Blogs on the Flat: slippers not pointes

The blogroll for this week, which I’m copying here for permanence, is all ballet blogs by ladies who are not en pointe. Maybe they’ll do pointe someday, or maybe not, but right now I am highlighting Our Ladies In Slippers … Continue reading

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Mnemonic The Third

Continuing in a series that I hope I will come up with many more of, I dub these— Great Mnemonics For The Ages!!! These are (so far three) little memory tricks that I have thought up that seriously worked, immediately … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar round-up: my faves

The advent calendar project was really interesting for me, I haven’t given myself an every-day assignment like that before and I found it informative to kinda learn what my drawing stamina was like and what I’d end up looking to … Continue reading

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Another reason corrections are good:

Recently finished up a ballet class series taught by Zooey Deschanel. I’m kidding. Wasn’t really her. Same doe-eyed dead-pan Deschanel delivery though. Super dead-pan. Dead-pan like I wondered if she was a little bit bored of us. I think our … Continue reading

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