The Adult Beginner Review of Beginning Ballet & Floor Barre at Heartbeat House

Review by: Adult Beginner
Class is called: Beginning Ballet & Floor Barre
Where: Heartbeat House, Atwater Village
How it is: Totally fun. Starts like a regular ballet class, then the portable barres are carried off into the storage room and we all get down on the floor. The Adult Beginner has never done a floor barre before, and it was good! Really intense turning out and hip opening and pushing the heels forward, it’s amazing how much more you can focus on proper feet when you’re not, you know, standing on them.
I really enjoyed the teacher, Cati. She is French, and incroyablay adorabablay absolutaymont. Very fast, friendly, smiley, kind of whacky even, like making sound effects and occasionally playing this piece of music that made me feel like we were in Fame. She demonstrated every combination, but kept everything moving along really quickly, and once we were on the floor was a lot more hands-on with placement and corrections. There were one or two absolute beginners in the class, and she didn’t change the exercises for them or fuss over them excessively, which I think is nice. Indicates a certain amount of trust.
So I’m not sure exactly what level to call this. It’s not an absolute beginner class, but the absolute beginners in the class did fine? I found it good and tough, but a friend said it was the easiest beginners class she’s ever taken. So, your basic no-level all-levels “beginner” beginner class.
Class size: a dozen or so
Age range: mid-twenties to mid-forties/fifties?
Amenities: Parking is metered street, or free in the surrounding neighborhood. There are little towels available for free! Return them before you leave! There’s a bathroom, no changing room. There’s a little entryway where you can sit and watch the class before yours while they finish up. This is a store front studio. A tiny tiny place. So definitely no coffee, no water fountain although they will fill your water bottle for fifty cents.
That’s cool though because after class you can just walk a couple doors down and keep that French feeling alive at Bon Vivant with a baguette and butter. The butter comes in a cloche de beurre! Yes!!!! Or hell, walk down to Sew LA and keep that adult beginner feeling alive with a beginner sewing class.
Any dudes? not that day
What to Wear: Uh, you don’t even need ballet slippers for this mug. Half the class was in socks. This class actually had a great variety of clothing, I would love to go back with my iPad and stylus and just draw the class except that that might be weird for them. Examples that come to mind include just leotard and tights (quite a rare look here in LA) , a short dress with leggings, cut-off sweats and a tank top, leotard and leggings with leg warmers, yoga pants and a baggy T.
In conclusion: If this was my neighborhood I would be so puffed up with neighborhood pride right now. Great class, great place.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to The Adult Beginner Review of Beginning Ballet & Floor Barre at Heartbeat House

  1. Rock on! This sounds super fun. Maybe some day when I’m teaching in Eagle Rock I’ll bounce over, that’s not too far. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  2. Joyce says:

    Ooh love floor barre, and this isn’t too far from my parents’ place. Will try to check it out the next time I’m on that coast.

  3. For a moment I thought this was a review of my blog and I was pretty confused

  4. Maria D says:

    Cati introduced me to ballet. So kind and sweet. I love her classes. She also teaches at Pilates and Arts in Echo Park.

    • Oh that’s great!
      I really liked her, she brought a cool girl vibe to the class. I felt like a freshman being taught by an upperclassman, like a little intimidated by her coolness and kind of wanting to be bff’s and totally thrilled if she said I did well.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for all the LA reviews! Truly useful. Just wondering since the HH class is only an hour with a floor barre portion: is the class just barre and then directly to floor barre? No center work at all, adage or otherwise? Thanks!

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