No really, City Councils should get on this.

Took a class at Heartbeat House the other day,
but before I talk about that I wanna talk about this other thing.
Ok, Heartbeat House has this deal for new people. First class costs five dollars, and all the other classes you take within your first week keep on costing just five dollars.
Totally great.
I was getting all excited about how totally great until I remembered how a $5 class would cost me an additional $15 worth of babysitter. Or actually more like $30 or $45 worth of babysitter when you throw in travel time, plus what if I want to hang out after class and get a coffee and wander around Atwater Village —which is suddenly cu-ute you guys, last time the Adult Beginner bothered with Atwater Village was an evening like ten years ago at Club Tee Gee and Canelé and I sure don’t remember wanting to come back and hang out in the daytime like I do now—
But anyway, in addition to the cost of babysitting there’s the planning, I’d have to call a few days ahead, schedule, blahhhhhh.
Thinking about babysitters and stuff made me wonder for the millionth time why why why there are no drop-in flat-rate child-care centers in these Arty Neighborhoods in LA.
I mean, like, a friend of mine runs a drop-in half-day child-care in her home, and it’s lovely, but her home is super far away and not near anywhere I want to be. If I’ve got a four hour window and two hours are spent driving back and forth, well, that’s a big ol’ Eff That.
If, however, there was a child-care in an adorable little store-front right next to Heartbeat House, or someplace in, I don’t know, whatever other cute neighborhoods are there in LA, like Larchmont Village, Los Feliz, Noho Arts District, Silverlake, Tujunga Village, Venice, York Boulevard, whatever, if there was some adorable little storefront childcare where I felt like my boy would be safe and happy and get some socializing in, so like it’s a fun day for him too, I would happily spend four frivolous hours finding things to do. Me and my wallet. Just frittering the half-day away, instead of sprinting out of class to get home in time to stop the meter on the babysitter.
Bottom line is:
The easier you make it for Mama to hang out in your shopping district, the bigger handful you can grab of Mama’s sweet sweet cash.
I’m talking weekday cash too. The sweetest cash there is. City Councils outta be subsidizing this, seriously.
But until they do, Gentle Reader, when you open a dance studio, consider inviting a non-enrollment flat-fee drop-in child-care to open up next door. Adult Beginner says thanks, and so do all your neighboring businesses.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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17 Responses to No really, City Councils should get on this.

  1. wedoballet says:

    Yes to this! I wasn’t dancing when BoyMowgli was tiny, but if I was I wouldn’t have been.
    Thank goodness he’s big now. I only pay for childcare if to leave him home, but my go to plan is to park him unattended in the lobby or hallway with strict instruction not to get us kicked out, and to be on alert for my water bottle filling needs… then I drag him with me to shop :)

  2. koolchicken says:

    I’ve always been lucky. When I first started I was welcome to bring my son (then under a year old) and still would be. He was too much of a distraction for me though so most days I left him with my husband. Now on days my husband works I drop him off at an hourly child care place. It’s awesome cause it open from like 6am to 10pm (even later Fri and Sat) and my classes are at night when most of these places are closed. It’s a bit out of the way, about 30 minutes round trip 45 if there’s traffic. But the price is right and he loves it there so I can’t complain.

    I won’t lie though. I’m looking forward to the day he’s old enough to just come with me. Or when he’s in school and I can take a day class. I’m not advanced enough for the day classes, but by the time he’s school age I will be. :)

    • You totally will be! That’s exciting.
      And so great that there’s an hourly childcare open until 10 in your area. It just makes so much sense.
      Funny, my teacher has often encouraged me to just bring the boy and I’m always like, “um, no dude. Have you met babies?”

      • koolchicken says:

        I think so. My little guy is just a month younger than yours so I still have plenty of time to get better before he’s in school!

        I honestly wish there were more of these hourly places, or at least they had some with staggered hours. There’s one literally walking distance from my house but it closes at 4pm. They are open really late on weekends, by appointment though. And the best one is open till like 1am some days. It does seem like most close by 6pm and that really doesn’t work for me since my class starts at 6. There really need to be places that fill the gap of after work hours.

        My teacher was really, really laid back. She started brining her daughter with her when she was a few months old and her son (about 4 months) just started coming to class too, granted she has help. For me I couldn’t do class if he was crying or getting into mischief. But she kept saying “he’s fine, babies cry, babies knock over water bottles, babies try to escape…” lol. And my classmates (many of them mothers) said not to worry, they can’t even hear a crying baby anymore. But as his mum I go bonkers when I hear him. So I had to start leaving him home. But it was nice to know he was welcome, even when he acted his age. When he’s a smidge older (and I’m back home visiting) I’d totally bring him back to the studio with me. He loves to dance and he loves my teachers daughter. I think he’d have a lot of fun actually.

        • That’s so sweet. Man I love nice people. Babies try to escapes, lols indeed.

          • koolchicken says:

            Oh yeah, I loved that too. She’s all like “just look at him go!” and cheering him on as he tried to get on the stage, out the door, or on top of another dancer. All the while I’m freaking out trying to keep him corralled. That kid has ALWAYS had a thing for ballet. It was never enough to just be near the ladies, he had to be touching them. One class I had to carry him and another my teacher did. Oh gosh and the shoes…. I know how much Grisko pointe shoes cost not because I buy them, but because I was worried I’d have to purchase a replacement pair for my teacher. If any ballet shoes are laying around he wants them, but pointe shoes? He absolutely must have them. And he was a real drooler for a while. He could have trashed a pair in seconds had he gotten a hold of them.

            He is persona non grata at class so far as I’m concerned until he can control his impulses, lol.

  3. Katy says:

    Oh my goodness, yes!

    Once upon a time, I had grand plans for finding a set of adjoining rooms and teaching Pilates in one while summertime taught toddler yoga or dance or something next door.

    • Yes exactly!
      I keep bothering my sister’s boyfriend about when is he going to open that Club Moves class for two year olds during the exact same time as my ballet class, in the studio room next door. He has yet to get it together. Harrumph.
      This is also funny that you mention this because I just took my son to a toddler yoga class in a studio with two rooms, with an adult yoga at the exact same time. Teacher said the original plan had been class for kids in one room while the moms are in the other, but apparently it was chaos. I totally think it could work though. Maybe needs two teachers for the kid class, one for teaching and one for cuddling/corralling.

  4. guyenne says:

    I was luckily enough at one point to live near a place that offered both gymnastics classes and child care. Sadly, the ages didn’t work :(. But it did give me the same idea as you – that dance studios with adult daytime classes should offer child-care during said classes, or at least varying age child classes at the same time. And there’s never enough drop-in (or varying schedule without lots of notice) child care places.

    • Never enough! I was shocked, truly shocked, when I started looking around at local child care and learned that it is all enrollment based. You’re either in, eight hours a day five days a week, or you’re out. I think there’s a demand for drop-in childcare everywhere, but seems like especially in cities like LA where there are so many people with odd and unpredictable jobs.

  5. Cerise says:

    The Hollywood YMCA has both adult ballet classes and child care.

    • Really???!!! My closest Y has the childcare but no ballet, although I keep badgering them. Maybe if I point out that Hollywood Y is showing them up they’ll be shamed into opening an adult ballet class too.
      Also I could just take the boy and go to the Hollywood Y. Exciting!!!!

      • Cerise says:

        In possible defense of your local Y, I think it’s hard to find someone qualified to teach the class who’s willing to do it. Not sure if the Hollywood Y would be able to replace the current instructor if she left, for instance. We’re very lucky to have her. I hope you and the boy do give the Hollywood Y a try — I’d love to read about what you both think.

        • Ahh, good point. I had a brief moment of fantasy where I was like ‘I should teach that class at my Y!!!!’ and then remembered: Oh right, totally unqualified.
          We will definitely come try it sometime, I’m pumped!

  6. guyenne says:

    I’m not totally sure where it is, but there’s a place in Southern CA, I think around LA that offers a babywearing ballet class. I see photos from one of the baby wearing FB pages about it every now and again.

    • Yes! I’ve seen those pictures too! All those beautiful bright wraps. A friend sent me the link but just a little too late, like right at that moment where walking and carrying are in a fifty-fifty balance and I ended up wearing an empty wrap a lot of the time while he clung to furniture and navigated edges of things.
      Just in case any currently babywearing ballet students are reading this, here is a link I just found to a list of studios from

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