Men, The Blogroll.

This week’s blog roll: Men!
Men who take ballet and blog about it.

Ballet Chap here
a Ballet Education here
Brand New Me In Ballet World here
Dancing Over The Hill here
Dave Tries Ballet here
Leotards and the Buns In Them here
Love Ballet 89 here
the Music and the Mirror here
My Beautiful Machine here
Rahyuhn Jeymz Takes On Ballet here
RMedina49 here
Tights&Tiaras here
You Dance Funny, So Does Me here

Dudes, you inspire more people than you know. Thanks dudes!
Let me know if I’ve missed any blogs, I’m totally happy to add to the list.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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14 Responses to Men, The Blogroll.

  1. Jeff Tabaco says:

    Thank you for the honor! This may be the nicest kick in the derrière I need to get back to updating my blog!

  2. asher says:

    Thank you so much both for the mention and for the listing of other dudes who ballet! Yay, more ballet blogs to blog-stalk!

  3. Janet says:

    Tights and Tiaras has not had a post for almost three years. I think the author left ballet. The blog still has some interesting posts that are well worth reading.

  4. cycle60 says:

    Hadn’t heard of some of these. AB is on it as always!

    • I have my sources.
      Which are: comment links back to commenter’s blogs, other people’s blogrolls, plain old Google searches, people on the twitterz, people in my blog’s list of subscribers. Oh, and spies.

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  7. FogFog says:

    Not been updated in quite a while but the archives are still pretty informative for guys

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