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Ridiculous eyes and elastic hearts

You know how when you give someone a gift, once you give it to them it’s theirs? It belongs to them? As in, you have given it completely, you no longer have ownership over it, you can’t get all butt … Continue reading

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Strong! Fast! Zzzzzush! Fire!

Frappés, man. I have heard more than one teacher say, during class, while telling us to do frappés, “I don’t know why we do frappés!” Which makes me think, “well then why Are we doing frappés! I though you were … Continue reading

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The Adult Beginner Review of Beginning Ballet & Floor Barre at Heartbeat House

Review by: Adult Beginner Class is called: Beginning Ballet & Floor Barre Where: Heartbeat House, Atwater Village Website: How it is: Totally fun. Starts like a regular ballet class, then the portable barres are carried off into the storage … Continue reading

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No really, City Councils should get on this.

Took a class at Heartbeat House the other day, but before I talk about that I wanna talk about this other thing. Ok, Heartbeat House has this deal for new people. First class costs five dollars, and all the other … Continue reading

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Men, The Blogroll.

This week’s blog roll: Men! Men who take ballet and blog about it. Ballet Chap here a Ballet Education here Brand New Me In Ballet World here Dancing Over The Hill here Dave Tries Ballet here Leotards and the Buns … Continue reading

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Noodling On about Sickles.

Was making lunch for my little boy the other day and noticed this: Check it out, she’s holding a sickle. Let’s looks closer: Gosh she’s pretty. At first glance I thought she was standing and had weird proportions, but on … Continue reading

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Interview with Miss Jones Dance

The other day The Adult Beginner received an email from this girl in Australia with an Etsy store, making leotards to support her ballet studies, hoping I would consider sharing her work with my readers. And I was like: Ok, … Continue reading

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