Can Adults Learn Pointe?

Yes, and here are the blogs to prove it.
One of the most frequent search-engine-phrases that comes up in my blog stats, week after week, is “Can Adults Learn Pointe.”
I used to search this phrase a lot too. Figured the answer was “no”, until I found out the answer was “yes totally, even you, Adult Beginner.”
So this week’s blog roll, which I’m repeating here for permanence, is a list of blogs by adults learning pointe. Not professions, just regular people.
Please let me know if I’ve missed any, this is way way more than I found back in 2010 when I was daydreaming and wondering and searching, and I’m pleased to be able to collect such a nice long list of people learning this frustrating thrilling thing.

Adult Ballerina Project link
Advance, Never Halt link
Ballet shoes and Mickey Ears link
Bead 109 here
Bethany Keats: Poet Lorikeet link
Bush Ballerina zap
Dance Away From The Uglies link
Entrechat here
Hannah J Holmes link
Interpreting en Pointe here
Kakakiri hier
Kingdom of Style bam
Knit Two, Pointe Two, Bake Two Together here
Legal Ballerina link
Leotards and the Buns In Them this ones a dude
Merci et Chatons bam
N. Lynde here
Poets and Pirouettes here
Pointe ’till You Drop boom
Point(e)work here
Remedial Ballerina link
Returning To Relevé link
Rheumatic Princess zoom
Rori Roars bizam
Secrets of a Balletomane link
Some Assemblé Required link
Straight to the Pointe here
The Classical Girl link
To The Pointe link
We Do Ballet boom
What the Wife Did Next link

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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18 Responses to Can Adults Learn Pointe?

  1. kakakiri says:

    If any of your gentle readers should be interested in reading in German: I recently started blogging about this and that and will certainly include some pointe-y-ness in the near future…

  2. Paulina says:

    I like this one, too:
    Thank you for the list. Even if I am not going back on pointe, I love to read about other people’s pointy adventures.
    Now, I am off to have a look at kakakiri.

  3. Hannah says:

    Thanks for including me! Although I am not entirely sure I qualify for this list since I haven’t actually been to a pointe class since I became pregnant and my baby is almost one now…. Wait, that’s not quite true, I did perform in a recital on pointe while I was about five weeks pregnant. I had morning sickness and was totally nauseous the entire time. Ah, memories! :) Started ballet again when my baby was nine months old and am hoping to go back onto pointe in 2015. Thanks again for including me. :)

    • Actually, your on-and-off experience with point is something I’m really happy to see represented on this list, because that is a reality for adults learning pointe, and learning ballet in general. Life changes, you take a break, you go back when circumstances allow. If you want!
      Best wishes for 2015, en pointe and off.

  4. I have been as well! Just started up again (after taking a break while injured), and will be blogging more about it soon at!

  5. Nellie says:

    Dang, now I guess I should write that post I’ve been ruminating on about the trials and tribulations with my pointe shoe graveyard… 😘

  6. amandakash says:

    I love this list! I don’t know if i will ever get to pointe but being able to relate to other adult ballet-ers, who have jobs that may or may not get in the way of their habit, is so refreshing.

  7. Laura says:

    Thank you for this list! I just started pointe class myself at 35 and love reading other people’s stories. (Need to start writing ballet posts on my blog too!)

    Surf & Hydrangeas

  8. Kiralia says:

    Great list! Added some to my reading list.
    Mine is missing, but it is new that hardly anyone knows of it excistance + not much pointy adventures there yet either…

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  10. Zoe says:

    Great blog, I love your writing! I am totally engrossed in adult ballet at the moment. I was an adult beginner too but am now am adult pointe beginner. So much work to do! I have just started a blog to keep me honest. I love your blog list it’s awesome. I shall need recurring inspiration this year I think. :)

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