Advent Calendar December 15: baggy warm-ups

Obscuring perfectly cute figures since 1958!

And before for sure, but I’m calling out 1958 because that’s when Carnation’s Easy-Does-It Cookbook was published, which I’ve been using for reference for illustration style, like for the line weight and general body proportions and stuff.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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3 Responses to Advent Calendar December 15: baggy warm-ups

  1. Rori roars says:

    I love these 50s-inspired drawings! Supes-cutes!

  2. wedoballet says:

    Love it! Tonight I started class in a pair of sweats (with a baggy but an unfortunate hole in the crotch from wearing them for plies fairly often), and a hoodie over a dri-fit shirt, and legwarmers pulled over my feet… we’re just lucky I took off my down booties.

    The 13 year old girl one barre over taking the open class as a make-up was in her academy leotard and pink tights from the start of class. She looked cute… but I was toasty :)

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