What are some online dance-clothes stores that you like?

A reader asked if I could recommend some online dance clothes retailers that I like,
And I was like, “Shopping! Gross! Who does that!”
Ok not exactly, but I do have a not-shopping problem, which is that I think I will make myself about 98% more things than I ever do. Plus I might be a miser a little bit.
But I do like to look at beautiful things. And know about them. And sometimes buy them.
So I’m asking you, Gentle Reader, what online dance clothes retailers do you like?
I’ll go ahead and say Discount Dance Supply.
And I have heard tell of Boys Dance Too although never shopped there, obvs.
Also a friend told me about this place called Rotation Dancewear, they look neat.
And I’m going to list here all the blogs in my shopping-themed blog roll this week, since it’ll change to an exciting new theme next week. This list is more your Special Little Things variety of shopping, not your basics:
Baby Bunheads flower crowns and skirts
Black Milk’s leggings page
Cloud&Victory dancewear
Designed By Alice skirts
gwenyth barre wear
Pinq Couture skirts
Tulips By Tracy skirts
Alright! So, if you’ve got an online place to recommend, lay it on me.
Oh! P.S. More than two links in a comment looks like spam to WordPress, so don’t do that. You don’t even have to bother with links at all if you don’t want to, I’m guessing everyone here knows how to search engine.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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34 Responses to What are some online dance-clothes stores that you like?

  1. wedoballet says:

    You know I love to shop for dance crap!
    http://www.AllAboutDance.com is strangely related to DiscountDance. They don’t carry quite as many items, but the PRICES are lower and SHIPPING is always free both ways. (it clearly comes from the same warehouse though, because I’ve had an AAD order show up in a DDS box :-P and anything on backorder with one is the same with the other).

  2. Jeff Tabaco says:

    Boys Dance Too gets my vote for great selection and customer service. (But yes, for guys, obvs.) After that then I do go look at Discount Dance Supply.

  3. This past summer I found out about Lone Reed Designs shop on Etsy – custom-made (with measurements!) leotards. Haven’t personally tried them though…
    Have tried Discount Dance Supply and was satisfied with the quickness of the order.

  4. wedoballet says:

    Oh, and our fellow adult balleter Mercietchatons ( http://mercietchatons.wordpress.com/ ) has an etsy shop for skirts and such https://www.etsy.com/shop/pinqcouture

  5. sean says:

    Gotta endorse ‘boys dance too’, also gotta say I wish there were more fashion options for male dancers

  6. jen in oz says:

    Not sure that I’d be happy to shop at black milk. They caused a bit of a fuss online last year (or maybe the year before? ) making sexist and stupid comments. And they’re expensive too!

  7. Andre says:

    Yumiko is great, but expensive and the waiting list is long. They have good options for guys too, and are very popular with the pros. Lots of dancers wear them as their good luck charm for auditions, too.

  8. Lis says:

    This is just a little custom Leo maker but I can’t get enough! I’m asking for one from my husband for Christmas :) https://www.etsy.com/shop/lonereeddesigns she uses amazing fabrics, definitely more on the fun side than most serious leos.

  9. kahn says:

    Thanks, AB, and thanks all the commenters for their suggestions! This was so helpful.

  10. rosariok says:

    I really like http://boysdancetoo.com/ I buy all my son’s tights there.

  11. I have been coveting some of the leos from http://valadancewear.com/shop.html, although haven’t actually purchased any yet!

  12. QMichelle says:

    Who knows, you might even add my own balletwear label on to your list when it’s launched! Maybe not, but it’s aimed at adult dancers so you might like it.

  13. Paul says:

    AB you are a treasure! I’ve found buying men’s dancewear a real chore here in the UK with limited choice in brand, styles, colours and sizes from any one supplier. I’ve bought from 3 or 4 places to get what I need. Imagine my delight viewing the boysdancetoo website. Everything in one place, sizes in the right range, good quality choices AND for lots of their items it works out cheaper to buy from the U.S. and pay shipping than it does to buy similar over here! OMG, men’s convertible tights, I’ve been looking for a pair this last month and had to settle for stirrup tights instead. The Repetto turtledove tights and shoes look really good too. Shame I already have what I need at the moment, or do I…?

  14. leotardia says:

    Custom leotards!! Eleve and Yumiko are wonderful, of course. There are also several custom makers on Etsy (usually former or current dancers) who do really nice work for cheaper and are more open to making a leotard exactly to your specifications. Check out Poika Tytto, DellAira Designs, Lone Reed Designs (mentioned above), and Barreto Dancewear for some good choices. There’s also Matryoshka Rehearsal Tutus in Canada. Careful about going down the custom leotard route, though–it can turn into an obsession. :)

  15. amandakash says:

    There’s also You Go Girl Dancewear (has more plus sized options) and Dance City Dancewear for the basics or the random stuff that they don’t have on Discount Dance. Mostly I’ve looked for plus size stuff though because the others have like two (but expanding, yes) options. And as much as I love those beautiful cami and open back options, it’s just not going to happen with the amount of support I need.

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