An update on the traffic cop situation

The update on this whole thing is:
I got to class, took the same spot at the barre as last week, class started with the warm-up facing the barre, and I was all geared-up to ask all out-loud and stuff which way the teacher would rather have us start, like just get it out there, and we were just about to turn sideways to the barre and start pliés and have that moment, when another student ran in late.
And I was like, Yes! She’ll take the spot in front of me and then we can majority rule this mug!
But instead she took the spot between me and Wrong Way Sally and immediately turned with him to face the wrong way.
And I walked around to the other side of the barre.
I mean, I don’t mind going the wrong way. I really don’t. I’m sure it’ll be totes benefish.
But in that moment— Nope.
Save that mess for next week.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to An update on the traffic cop situation

  1. Naomi says:

    In my class it’s basic/classic: Always begin with left hand on the barre, unless otherwise instructed. I didn’t know that for the first year I was there…there was so much to take in. Someone asked a recently and the teacher made it clear: “We always begin with left hand on the barre unless I say otherwise”. Knowing the classical basics leaves us free to move ahead. Why not ask? There will be one or two who wanted to know, but too timid to ask.

  2. Nadine says:

    Oh the DRAMA! Can’t wait for the next episode . . ;)

    • Kiralia says:

      Agree! :D

      • Wait, are you guys making fun of me???????! I mean, that’s cool, no bigs, I can hang.
        This probably was the stunning conclusion though, now that I know what’s the norm in this class I think the drama is all settled.
        Onward and upward to future dramas!

        • Kiralia says:

          Oh, no we would never! ;) This is just better than a any of those oh-so-clever-sitcoms. I wanna know what happens next week for sure. Did you stick on the other side of barre? Did the new girl come a gain? and so on…

  3. guyenne says:

    Oh, no! Just when you thought you had an easy out with the new person coming in.

  4. v says:

    ew, that is so annoying! bring a friend and face the right way together. see if that makes any difference. maybe he’s zoolander?

  5. At the first level of the classes I take, after a new 6 week beginning seminar cycles through, everyone faces the mirror. Then we switch sides of the barre so we still face the mirror. Teacher wants us to be able to see what we are doing on both sides. After the newbies get adjusted we all start left hand on the barre. She reiterates that is what we are supposed to be doing even if we go take class somewhere else. All her other more advanced levels obviously start left hand on the barre. Everyone starts left hand on the barre except RAD, I think.

    As a compulsive rule follower, I would want to punch the person in the face. Although I’m not violent, so mostly I would just stew, and be really passive agressive…and like be in his space, or something. Like, “OH I’m sorry! Is that my foot in your face?!?!? Maybe you should be facing the RIGHT DIRECTION!! BAH!”

    And to whoever made the Zoolander comment, I laughed so hard I started coughing and choked. AMAZING. He’s probably not an ambi-turner…

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